10,000 Fearless

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The 10,000 Fearless: We are going to be inside our community, standing between the guns of the gangs. We’re asking for 10,000, but you’re got to accept to be trained by the Nation of Islam and the Fruit of Islam, So that we can teach you how to be with your people. We’re not killers of people. No Nation of Islam member carries a weapon. We don’t believe in the carnal weapons of this world. However, we have to be trained to go into our community with the love that we have for our own people and stand in the gap.

~ The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan


• To galvanized men in particular for the purpose of making our community safe.
• Institute a basic training program to give individuals the skills needed to properly
Engage the community and impart conflict resolution in areas where needed.
• Target Specific area or within the community to deploy in order to reduce violence and curd tensions.