Peach Mango Hand Dipped Cone Incense

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Hand Dipped Cone Incense crafted to have a rich texture and give a awesome scent..Altering the environment through scent encourages relaxation, allowing space for the creative mind to amplify. Our fragrance cones are sold in quantities of 10 per pack. The shipping is free in the U.S. but we have a minimum order requirement of 20 packs per order. Fragrances can be mixed and matched to meet the minimum order requirement. Light the tip of the cone with matches or a lighter. Let 5 to 10 seconds pass and then extinguish the flame, blowing it out or fanning it with paper. The result will be a wafting spiral of smoke from the top of the cone as it begins to burn. Allow the incense to burn down, giving off a rich aroma, until you are satisfied with the smell in the room.