Self Improvement Study guide - The Will of God Part 02

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Self-Improvement Study Guides - The Will of God, Part II





(NOVEMBER, 2 1986)



My Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is once again my privilege and honor to have this opportunity to use these airwaves over Station WBEE, to broadcast live to you from the home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that Great Guidance and Truth that will indeed make us all free.

To those of you who are listening via telephone hookup throughout North America, it is once again my great privilege and pleasure to have this opportunity to share some of the Teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad with you.

This week, we would like to discuss PART II of "THE WILL OF GOD" and those impediments that keep us from practicing Allah"s (God's) Will.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said to us that to know and to do Allah"s (God's) will is absolutely our Salvation. But the question must then be asked, "How do we know Allah"s (God's) Will?"

Some wise persons can, by reading the Creation of God, come to a definitive understanding of His Will. For everything that Allah (God) created is a result of His command to "Be!". And everything that Allah created has an aim and a purpose.

Since nothing in this Creation is without aim or purpose, when we learn to read Creation, we read the aim and the purpose of Allah (God). And to read Allah"s (God's) aim and purpose is to know Allah"s (God's) Will for His creatures.

Of course, one must be very studied to read Allah"s (God's) purpose in the Heavens above and in the Earth beneath. Since many of us are not that learned or not that studied [unfortunately, many of us do not even care to read the Heavens and the Earth], therefore, we need another way to become acquainted with the Will of Allah (God).

In the Bible, it teaches us, "How can they know, except that they have a Teacher? And how can they have a Teacher, except he be sent?" Whenever a man loses the ability to read Allah"s (God's) Will in that which is around him (or her), then it is incumbent upon Almighty God, Allah, out of the Abundance of His Love and Mercy for humanity, to raise a Prophet; a Messenger; an Apostle to teach us the Will of Allah (God) and to give us the privilege and the opportunity to submit our Will to do the Will of Allah (God) and come into favor with Allah (God).

My Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we can see that we live in such times today. For even though we have scholars and scientists who absolutely are reading Creation, they are not reading Creation to find the Will of Allah (God). They are reading Creation to learn how to use the powers of Creation for their vain, self-seeking and self-serving ends. So Allah (God) must step in to confuse the scientists, to confuse the scholars and to bring their knowledge to a naught.


This is because their knowledge is not serving them in the service of Allah (God) and humanity, but their knowledge is destructive to them and to humanity.

What about the poor and the ignorant who "take their doctors of law and their monks for lords besides Allah?" They need to know the Will of Allah (God). We need to know the Will of Allah (God). So Allah (God) must intervene in our affairs, lest all of us be destroyed!

There were those who did the bidding of Pharaoh and Pharaoh's bidding was not "right-directed". This tells us that Pharaoh made the people to submit to do his Will and his Will was in opposition to Allah's (God's) Will. Pharaoh's Will was not righteous; Pharaoh's Will was not "right-directing" - Pharaoh's Will was Evil!

What about 1986? What about right now? The chiefs, the leaders of this country, and the President himself, want all of us to obey the laws of this government and to obey their bidding.

That is right; we should obey the law, we should respect the law. For without laws there is no order and without order, we have anarchy and the total disruption of the society.

If [President] Reagan and his chiefs were obedient to Allah (God), it would be easier for us to obey them. But, when their direction is not "'right-directing", yet they order us to join their armed forces to fight on the side of the oppressor; they tell us we will go to jail if we do not obey them; then, "Respectfully, kind sir", we must decline to obey Pharaoh or to submit to this bidding.

We now hear the Call of a Higher Calling. We hear the Will of Allah (God) being articulated to us through warners, reminders and teachers that Allah (God) Himself is inspiring. So, we would rather obey Allah (God). And this brings us into a clash with the Government of the United States, on a national level, on a state level and on a local level. We can obey you if your Will is "right-directing"; if your bidding is "right-directing". But, if your bidding is in contravention to the Will of Allah (God), then we have to respectfully say, "Go to Hell!".

Prophets, Messengers and Apostles teach us Allah"s (God's) Will; specifically, for a certain people and for a certain time period. Whenever Allah (God) sends a Prophet, he gives that man a temporary message; that temporary message is based upon an Eternal Message. Both messages embody the Will of Allah (God).

7be temporary message is the Will of Allah (God) to cure a particular (specific) spiritual, moral or physical ill of the people of that day and time. And, of curse, that temporary teaching which embodies Allah"s (God's) Will as a cure, is sitting upon a permanent teaching; immutable principles that never change, no matter what time or what season. And in these immutable principles is the Immutable, Unchanging Will of Allah (God).

Prophets bring a temporary message for their contemporaries. And Prophets bring an Eternal Message. Whenever a new Prophet appears, he abrogates much of the temporary message of



former Prophets. This, of course, is an abrogation of that temporal Will of Allah (God), for the curing of a particular disease at that time. We do not need the medicine after we have effected the cure.

But no Prophet has ever come and abrogated the Eternal Will of Allah (God). All Prophets bear witness that God is One and His Eternal Will is One; all of the Prophets spoke to us out of that Eternal Will of God.

The Muhammad of the Holy Qur"an (Peace Be Upon Him) is called the Universal Prophet. He is called the Universal Prophet because he brings a message that fits all people, all conditions, for all times, up to the Resurrection and the Judgment of the world. He is called the Universal Prophet because the message that he brings makes it unnecessary for a Prophet ever to have to appear again. For that message will be internalized in the hearts and minds of the people. Therefore, there will never again be a need for a Prophet or a Messenger.

Beloved Muslims, I ask you to reason with us. The Message of the Holy Qur'an has been preached for 1400 years and that message has nearly been spread to the ends of the Earth. But the Will of Allah (God) contained in that message is practiced only by a few.

Even among the nearly one billion (1,000,000,000) Muslims the Will of Allah (God) is practiced, but it is practiced in a vain way. It is practiced in a self-effacing way. The charitable aspect of the Will of Allah (God) is missing in much of the teaching of Islam. In fact, Islam was to bring us an entire world. But nationalism and factionalism is absolutely corrupting the Spirit of Islam. And to the world of Islam is in convulsion today against itself. It is in revolt today, against itself. Why? Because there has been a negation of the practice of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Therefore, there is a need today for a Reminder. There is a need today for a Warner. And, more than that, there is a need today for a Power to be in the world, that the Will of Allah (God) may be implemented.
The Will of Allah (God) can never be implemented on talk alone. Talk is cheap! Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Therefore, there is a need today for a Reminder. There is a need today for a Warner. And, more than that, there is a need today of Power to be in the world, that the Will of Allah (God) may be implemented.

Today, what is needed is the presence of The Mahdi. Who is The Mahdi? He comes to guide us on the right path, that we may be successful. Why do we need to be guided to the right path? Because Shaitan (Satan) has come to us right in the straight path and has made 95 % of the people of the planet Earth deviate from the teachings of the Prophets, Messengers and Apostles.

Today, all we have is a good word on the Book that is not being practiced. A good word among the Muslims, a good word among the Christians, a good word among the Jews, a good word among those who have received Prophets throughout the world. And who is practicing these good words? Evil, now, has taken the upper hand over the people of good. Hypocrisy has gained strength over the leaders. Therefore, people profess from their mouths what is not in their hearts. The practice of good has gone down the drain.


We do not need a Prophet anymore; we do not need a Messenger anymore. Dear Brothers and Dear Sisters, you are right; the Message is here. What do you need? What do we need? We need the presence of a Power in the world that will not compromise and does not come to teach anymore, but to execute those who have violated and refused to submit to the Will of Allah (God). And that Being is in the world.

It is that Being that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad represented to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praise is due Forever. A Human being, but a Human being Who is born into the world, is nurtured and grows into Wisdom and Power to destroy the wicked from the face of the Earth. To break the head of opposition [to bowing to the Will of Allah (God)]. This is what makes it unnecessary for a Prophet to ever have to come again. For as long as there is no enforcement of law, the preaching of law is folly. It is Vanity. As long as we preach righteousness but there is no structure to make righteousness real, then our preaching is in vain. And as long as we have churches and mosques and synagogues that preach the Will of Allah (God) but there is no enforcement of that Will, then our preaching needs to cease. In fact, it is brought to naught by the wicked doing of those who say they believe in Allah (God).

Jesus is called in the Scripture "The Eternal Guide". Jesus is called "Eternal Guide" because he is more than just a Prophet -- Jesus is called "The Christ". This word "Christ", in Greek, means "one anointed to crush the wicked." Ibis is why Jesus was hated even before he was born into the world. The wicked expected this Messianic figure -- this Mahdi -- to be on the scene. They knew the time of his arrival. Therefore, since they knew that he was to be a Human being, they watched the women who were pregnant at the time he was scheduled to arrive. They know that a star would herald his birth.

Herod sent out a decree that all boy babies should be killed from two (2) years old and under, because he missed the birth of this Mahdi; of this Messiah; of this Christ. Jesus is called 'The Eternal Guide" because he doesn't represent Allah (God) in the absence of Allah (God), Jesus is a Witness of Allah"s (God's) Presence in the world -- in Man.

You say, "But this is contrary to the teaching of Islam!" If you only look at the face of it, it is contradictory to the teachings of Islam. But if we look deeper into Christian theology, we can reconcile that theology absolutely with the teaching of the Holy Qur'an.

Jesus represents Allah"s (God's) presence in Man. In the Book of Isaiah, it says that a child will be born; a virgin will conceive him and the child's name will be called "Emmanuel" meaning "God is with us". How will you know that God is with us? Because an ordinary human being, born of a woman, making the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk and raising the dead to life, is not ordinary. It is Extraordinary. No Prophet ever did that.

But the Messiah, according to both the Bible and the Holy Qur"an, was to have that kind of power. When such a man appears in the world doing such kind of work, then Allah (God) Himself is present in that man. And when that man is backed by the Power of the Lord of the worlds, he crushes all opposition to Allah"s (God's) Will. And when the opposition to Allah"s (God's) Will is finally crushed, then the Victory of Allah (God) - The Truth - is


established. Then you don't need a Prophet; you don't need someone to remind the people anymore of the Will of Allah (God). Because then, Allah"s (God's) Will is established and those who live after the crushing of the wicked will have no other alternative but to willingly obey Allah (God). If the people willingly obey Pharaoh - a manifest fool - why would not they willingly obey Allah (God) in His Righteousness and Power?

Today, when we ask someone to obey Allah"s (God's) Will, some of us, it is like asking us to deny our own right to think and act of independence. "Will you obey Allah"s (God's) Will?' The people say, 'I don't want to be a slave ... I ain't obeyin' God's Will ... I am an independent thinker...I'm a free thinker." You free-thinking fool! Brothers and Sisters, I do not mean to insult you. But if you think that you are a free thinker you are absolutely foolish. Today, the Government of the United Sates of America is spending millions of dollars to perfect the art of "mind control". They are spending millions of dollars in the development of new and sophisticated drugs that they can put in the water and put in the food that make you easily submissive to "subliminal suggestion". They have learned to program your thinking through the artful way of touching your subconscious without your conscious mind ever realizing that you are being programmed. Yes, it will be a struggle to obey Allah (God) when Shaitan (Satan) is fighting now for all that we have, because he knows that he has but a short time left to rule.

So, we must fight, too - to obey Allah (God). Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Allah (God) does not want to make us His slaves. But in obeying Allah (God), we are truly free. So many of us think that when we obey Allah (God), again, it is a negation of ourselves. That is not true.

You are already in a state of Self-Negation and you do not even realize it. What do I mean by that? Negation means, "to deny". It is a negative denial. It is to deny that which is true and that which is correct and that which is proper. Self-Negation is to deny that which exists, therefore making ourselves nonexistent. Self-Negation is to nullify our existence.

I must respectfully say that 90 % to 95 % of the human family of this Earth have already nullified their existence. Allah (God) did not create Man to live on the plane of lower animals. If the aim and purpose of Allah (God) for Man is that Man be his vicegerent: His Khalifa, His Successor, in this realm. Man is to rule in this realm -- we are not doing that. We are living a life lower than the animals. And, therefore, in the Bible, in the Book of Revelations, the Revelator is saying that the rulers of the Earth are titled, or given, the name's "Beast and "Dragon". These are not good characteristics. Great Beasts ruling humanity? This is a nullification of who and what we are - Human beings. This is an absolute denial of your own existence as a True Servant of Almighty God, Allah.

If you are not going to serve Allah's (God's) Will, why should you live in His Creation? He is justified in removing you and me if we do not want to bow in submission to His Win. If the Sun can bow and you depend upon the Sun and the Moon and Stars can bow and without them we have no life; if the very orange whose juice you squeeze into your throat to give you vitamins and strength has submitted to a law (otherwise it could not come into existence); and everything that you eat is submitting to Allah"s (God's) Will, but you refuse, then why should you eat?


Why should you breathe? Why should you drink? Why should you live in a Creation of Almighty God and deny Him? By denying Him you have nullified your own existence and you are practicing Self-Negation.

Yes, Reverend, you are preaching Self-Negation. Yes, Pope of Rome, you are preaching Self-Negation -- not Self-Denial. Anytime a Human being can call himself or herself a Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Muslim, or whatever you call yourself and you do not continue this process of evolution (and you and I come to the Perfection of God) and we abort that development, then in the abortion of that development, we are practicing Self-Negation. Therefore, we have nullified our right to exist and Allah (God) is justified in removing us from the face of the Earth.

Jesus never taught Self-Negation. He taught Self-Denial and there is a difference. Submit to Allah"s (God's) Will. Will you submit if you know Allah's (God's) will? Jesus, when he spoke to his disciples, asked his disciples to deny themselves.

Do you remember when Jesus met a young Jew who was under the law and teaching of Moses? This young man asked Jesus, "How can I obtain the Kingdom of Heaven?" And Jesus said unto him, 'Do the law and the commandments of Moses.' And this young man said, "I am already doing that." (The young man felt, "Well, I've got it made, I've got you beat into Heaven already.") And Jesus said, "You're doing that, that is good. Now go and give away your wealth to the poor. Deny yourself Pick up your cross and follow me." That young man who was doing the law did not want to follow Jesus that day, because Jesus was demanding something more of that man than that man was willing to give. He said, "Look, I am already doing the Commandments, that's the Will of God. Well, I must be Heaven-bound." But Jesus came in a time period with a specific Will of Allah (God) for Man. And if that man who was working the Will of Allah (God) through the law of Moses was not willing to go one step further with Jesus, he was-denying himself entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. At that point, even though he was practicing the law of Moses, he nullified his right to exist. He was practicing, then, Self-Negation, because he would not practice Self-Denial.

Why did Jesus say to him, "Young man, go and get your wealth and give it to the poor."? Why did he say that? He said that because Jesus came into the world with a specific message and mission to the poor who were crushed under the foot of the powers of that day.

The Will of Allah (God) is Freedom, Justice and Equality, which can be discerned in all of His Creation. But the Will of Allah (God) through Jesus, represented Redemption, Salvation, Eternal Life, Resurrection and Judgment. What do these terms mean?

Jesus said, "I did not came into the world to be ministered unto. I came into the world to minister. I came to serve the poor. I came to heal the sick, the blind, the lame; I came to raise people who are dead to life. If you recognize that I am doing the Will of Allah (God), I ask you to submit and help me to -help more. Help me to feed the poor; help me to better the condition of the poor. And in order to do that, I am not asking you to negate yourself, I am asking you to deny yourself I am asking you to sacrifice your own personal desires to help me establish the Will of Allah (God) for the good of yourself and others. I am asking you to be unselfish.


Moses asked that of you to a degree. He asked you not to steal; he asked you not to covet; he asked you not to lie; not to murder. He asked you to honor your Father and Mother. That is basic to righteousness.

But Jesus wanted to take you a step further. In fact, he wanted to give you your degree, so that it would never be necessary for another Man of God to come to you. For you, in your own life, would be a Witness of Allah"s (God's) Presence. And if Allah (God) is present in your life, in your being, manifested in your words and in your actions, then you have closed the door on Prophethood; you have closed the door on Messengership by the fact of Allah"s (God's) Presence in your life.

We live in that time. The man, Jesus, that came 2,000 years ago, did not come in the time of Redemption and Salvation and Healing. He came 2,000 years too soon. And so, Paul saw him as a man born out of "due season". But we are at the right time now. And a man has appeared in the world to redeem Man; to reconcile Man to Allah (God); to cause us to see and hear and know the Will of Allah (god) and then inspire us to willingly submit our Will to do the Will of Allah (God).

That is what that name, "Muslim", means. It is a high title. It is a great title. It is a most distinguishing and distinctive title that a man or woman can be given. In fact, it is better than "Emperor" or "King" or "President" or "Secretary of State" or "Attorney General" or "Governor" or "Mayor" or "Senator" or "Congressman". You glory in these titles! But Allah (God) has come to negate those titles, because you have already negated them by not using those titles in service to the Will of Allah (God).

And so, Kings are falling by the wayside today. In fact, there are just a few left and they are going soon. Presidents are being overturned. There is revolution in every house, every nation, every government. Governors cannot govern. Mayors cannot mayor. And Worshipful Masters are not being worshipped as Master anymore. You are suffering loss. And it is grievous for you to see, because all of your righteous titles have not led you to obedience to the Will of Allah (God). So the biggest title that a man or woman could have is that "I am one who has submitted my Will to do the Will of Allah (God). I am a Muslim."

"How can they know Allah's (God's) Will except that they have a teacher? And how could they have a teacher except that the be sent?" The rulers of this world are not going to send you a teacher that will give you power or thought to go against their bidding. Pharaoh is not going to send you anybody to teach you against his bidding, even though his bidding is not "right-directing". Likewise, Mr. Reagan and Company and the former Presidents of the United States are not going to send You a teacher. The rulers of this world, Black People, are not going to send you a teacher that will give you the spirit to go against their wicked direction!

Allah (God) has to intervene and give you a teacher. So, when we say that Allah appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, we are saying that the Will of Allah (God), the Spirit of Allah (God), the Power of Allah (God) has been manifested in a man who came among us. And that man reached- down into the bowels of America and raised up a man from among Black people - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad -- and filled him with the Aim and Purpose of


Allah (God), the Will of Allah (God) and asked him "Will you submit?" And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad -- of the Black people of America -- said, "I am the first of those who submit. My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death, are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds."

You cannot say that your prayer, your sacrifice, you life and your death are all for Allah (God) then you refuse to obey Allah (God) and refuse to fight and strive in the Way of Allah (God), for the Cause of Allah (God). What is His Cause? He came to redeem Man; to reconcile Man to Himself and that means Woman, too. He came to find that which was lost. All of humanity is lost, but the Black man of America is the most lost of all human beings, crushed under the foot of the nations of the Earth.

By redeeming you and me first, He gives us a test. 'Will you, who have been crushed under foot, help Me to reconcile the nations of the Earth, who are lost to Allah (God)? Will you help Me to restore the Earth to its pristine purity and its original beauty? Will you help Me restore Man to his original state, as Cream of the Planet Earth and God of the Universe? Will you help Me to do that? I do not need help, I can do it Myself, but I want to give you the privilege of entering into My Kingdom by asking you to willingly give up your Will. Curb your personal desire (s) to-help Me put over My Desire for you.'

When I met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, thirty-one (31) years ago, I was a Musician. My whole life was music; I knew nothing but my music. And thirty (30) days after I met him, he said, "It's either your music or me. I am not asking you to play your music, because I don't need a Musician right now. I need someone to help me establish the Will of Allah (God). Farrakhan (I was. Louis at that time), will you deny yourself. Will you then pick up the cross?" It does not mean an actual cross - string one around your neck, drape one over your wall or write it on the door " "Pick up your cross" means to suffer for the sake of righteousness; to suffer for the establishment of the Will of Allah (God). This is because the Scripture teaches that when you practice the Will of Allah (God), some of you will be put in prison. Some of you will be killed for the Will of Allah (God). But are you willing to go through that for Allah"s (God's) sake?

The Scriptures of the Holy Qur"an say that Allah will certainly try us with something of fear, hunger, diminution of fruit, loss of property and loss of lives; but give good news to those who are patient and steadfast under trial.

You don't submit to Allah (God) without trial. You don't submit to Allah (God) without tribulation. But when it comes, you seek refuge in Almighty God, Allah. And in Him is your repose. And in Mm is your and my Sanctuary. When we go to Almighty God, Allah, we get the strength to endure the suffering; to, endure the denial and the rejection, the persecution, the evil treatment, the jail, the beatings and even the death, for the sake of Allah"s (God's) Plan.

I don't know about you, but I sure want to be one. I want to be one who submits to the Will of Allah (God). Oh, You can call me National Representative or The National Spokesman or The Minister. You can call me The Supreme Minister and, if I want to run for some political office, it's Congressman. If that is what I want, that is Vanity. Because all of that is coming to a naught, in just a few minutes. I want to submit my Will to do the Will of Allah (God). I don't


want to negate myself by continuing in vanity. I want to deny myself. And I am willing to suffer for the sake of the establishment of Allah's (God's) Will. So now, I am a follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad - The Jesus of Today.

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I am saying to you that you are being asked to submit to the Will of Allah (God). And that Will of Allah (God) is very special. It is the same as the Will of Allah (God) brought by all the Prophets. But with us, it has a special difference. It is dealing with the Resurrection of the minds of Black people, because our minds are even less am the animals. You need a new way of thinking, Black Man and Woman.

And a new way of doing things. Not only do you need it, humanity needs it. Who is going to teach humanity? Who is going to help them to see the correctness of the Will of Allah (God)? We must do our part. And this is the way we earn our way into the Kingdom of Allah (God).

Those, of course, who do not care to submit to Allah (God), do the bidding of Pharaoh. And those who do the bidding of Pharaoh are Self-Negating. Pharaoh represents the powers of the world. Reagan? Yes. I say the Pope, yes. The religious teachers of the world, yes. They are all out of the way. Now, you may say, "Well, Farrakhan, why would you say a thing like that?" Because its the Truth.

All of these religious leaders met in Rome; to pray. For what? To pray for peace. Do you think that Allah (God) heard their prayer? That's the prayer of Hypocrites. Why should you pray for that which is clearly written in your Book; that "they shall seek peace, but they shall not find it." Allah (God) is going to plaque the people of the Earth because of their denial of His Will. They have negated their right to exist in peace. Peace is the Fruit of obedience to the Will of Allah (God). It is a Gift of Allah (God). And you want it without submitting? You want peace without obeying Allah's (God's) Command? What a fool you are!

You deny Jesus and you want peace? You reject Muhammad and you want peace? You kill the Prophets in between and you want peace? There is no peace for the wicked! And there is no peace for this, world. So Reagan can pray for peace. There is no peace for Mr. Reagan! There is no peace for America! There is no peace for Russia! There is no peace for the nations of the world! For you deny Allah (God). And in denying Allah (God) in order to make peace with Man. And you are denying Allah (God) when you reject obedience to His Will.

So look at you. The country (America) is going to Hell on a rocketship. The rocketship (Space Shuttle Challenger!) up and into Space and blew up in a blaze is a sign to you that all of your mathematical calculations that you think will put you in orbit; that will give you perpetuity, are designed to bring you into a flaming, fiery Hell. And that is exactly what you deserve for denying the Will of. Allah (God).

You have negated yourself, Reagan. You have negated yourself, Government of America, because you deny Freedom, Justice and Equality to the people in your midst You crush the poor under your feet; the poor of America and the poor of the world. How can you have peace? There is no peace for the wicked. Pray for it! Gather all of your scholars and scientists together and pray, one and all. There is no peace.


The Lord has commanded us to tell you Death and Destruction shall be, at your door, henceforth, now and forever until you submit.

What is your Number One (#I) disease in America? Heart failure! What are you suffering from, America? Heart failure. Young men dying of heart attacks. What is your problem? Stress. Why are you stressed? High blood pressure. "I'm getting a stroke..." Who is talking? You say, "Well, I'm eating too much." You have eaten too much; but Allah (God) intends to see that you eat less by giving you a Famine. Allah (God) intends to see that you don"t stuff yourself. Allah (God) intends to give you a loss of appetite. The Holy Qur"an says, "By the time! Surely man is in loss, except those who believe and do good.!" You can't just believe; you must do good. And doing good means being in harmony with the Will of Allah (God).

The Bible teaches that we shall see sips in the Sun, Moon and Stars. And on Earth, the distress of nations, as men"s hearts fail them with Fear because of what they see coming upon the Earth, the sea and the waves roaring. Today, this heart failure is because you refuse to submit; you won't do Allah's (God's) Will. So Allah (God) is negating your Will. And when He negates your Will, that causes you to grieve, because you are suffering loss now. Why shouldn't you lose? You are being cancelled out by the Power of a Superior Will. And that is the Will of Allah (God), coming through The Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad, Himself. You are being negated. You cannot oppose Him and win! You will lose. And you are continuously losing because in denying the Will of Allah (God), you have negated your right to exist.

Beloved, I appeal to you, Muslims and Christians, all of you, take this prayer that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave us and put it into practice: "I seek refuge in Allah from anxiety and grief." To seek refuge means to find a shelter or protection from danger or trouble. To find shelter in anything that one can find recourse in for aid, relief and escape. And I am telling you that there is no escape except in the God Who is negating your Will to establish His Own. He is On Time. He is Present in the world.

You have anxiety, distress or uneasiness of mind, caused by apprehension of danger and misfortune. You are in grave danger. You are going to suffer great misfortune and great anxieties because you refuse to bow to the Will of Allah (God). What about grief. Yes, you will suffer pain, mental suffering and distress over affliction of loss. You are losing your homes, you are losing your cars, you are losing your loved ones. You have lost your minds. President Reagan is not in his right mind; he has the heart of a beast today, like Nebuchadnezzar. You will continue to suffer loss and ruin because you have negated yourself by denying the Will of Allah (God). You do not want to put forth an effort to obey Allah's (God's) Will.

And so you can sit in the Mosque all day long; it doesn't make any difference, because if you will not work the Will of Allah (God), you have denied His Will. Therefore, you are sitting in the Mosque in a state of Self-Negation, not Self-Denial. You have a ruined soul. "Seek refuge in Allah from cowardice." And what is cowardice, but a lack of courage to face danger, difficulty and opposition? He never promised you a rose garden. He never said the road would be easy. But if you do not have the courage to face the opposition, to face the difficulty, then you will suffer grief, fear, loss, anxiety, stress and strokes and death -- because you have negated your right to exist.

I appeal to you in the name of Allah, and I appeal to you from the guidance of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Let us do the Will of God. Not do this selfish, 'I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don"t fornicate, I don"t commit adultery. Yes, I am a good person. Good for whom? Good for yourself? You are good for nothing! Unless you are working to change the conditions around you. You cannot change those conditions without programs; you cannot change those conditions without methods; you cannot change those conditions without direction. So if you deny the direction coming from the Director -- the Honorable Elijah Muhammad -- there again, is more Self-Negation.

So sit up in the Church and die of Self-Negation. Because your righteousness is as a filthy rag because you are not involved in the effort of redeeming yourself and others, healing the wounds of others, along with the wounds of yourself You are not involved in that divine work. So if you are not involved in that work, when wherever you are sitting, you are negating your work, then wherever you are sitting, you are negating your existence. It is so sad that you can be in the House of God, sitting in the House of Refuge. And God is destroying His Own House.

The other day, the roof fell in on some church. An airplane fell out of the sky a few years ago and fell on a "Pillar of Fire Church" and sent it up in smoke, killing the people in it. These are signs to you, that the Church has become a mausoleum with dead men's bones in it; singing hymns of praise to vanity.

You think of your righteousness, you think of your goodness, but you do nothing to make another person good. You walk by the weak and you walk by the wicked and you walk by those who hunger and thirst for a better life and you care nothing for them. You have negated your own existence because you are denying the Will of Allah (God).

You are out there every day seeking to make a dollar. There is nothing wrong with making a dollar; Allah promises He will give you that. But to seek a dollar and to deny the Will of Allah (God); to seek a dollar and take the dollar to fatten your bank account; to go and buy fine homes and fine cars and will not work for the poor, work for the underprivileged, work for those who are denied Justice in the society. I think you have negated yourself And this is why Jesus said, "It would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to see the Kingdom of God." This is because a rich man is not willing to deny himself and help the poor and underprivileged.

Beloved, I am appealing to you in this prayer that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us to say seven (7) times a day: "O Allah, I seek Thy Refuge from anxiety and grief. And I seek Thy Refuge from the lack of strength and laziness. And I seek Thy refuge from being overpowered by debt and the Oppression of men. O Allah, suffice Thou me with what is lawful and keep me away from what is prohibited. And with Thy Grace make me free from want of what is beside Thee."


I don't want what is beside Your Will. Make me obedient to Your Will. Make me a Muslim. The Christians, say, "Fix me." They don't want a position where they chose for themselves. They say, "Lord, fix me. Lord, fix me. Lord, make me..." What do you want to be made? I want to be made, like Jesus, to say, "Not My Will be done, but Thy Will be done, in the Heavens above and the Earth beneath." And when we can say, 'Thy Will be done and not mine' and mean it, then go to work to know God's Will and then to do God's Will, we have become the Righteous. We have become a Muslim. We have come to the right path. We have come to the path of God's Divine Favour. Is this what you would like to be? If you would, then from this point on, I tell you, know God's Will and then do it.

So let all Muslims and Christians and Jews who hear this broadcast know that the Mosque, the Church and the Synagogue is no House of Refuge. There is no House of Refuge. There is no House of Refuge for anyone except in the Lord of the Worlds; in doing the Will of God. Do not get angry with me if we point out your failure (s) in working the Will of God. But your wickedness is working your own vanity and calling it the Will of God, so do not blame me. Blame yourself. I am just a Reminder. I am just a Warner. I am just one who comes in the name of my Father, the Sender, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. For without Him, I would have nothing to say. Without Him, I would have no guidance to give. I come in his name as it is written, as a Comfort to you, a Warning to you and a Reminder to you.

May Allah (God) bless you, each and every one of you, to hear this Reminder and not to just take it lightly; but to make up your mind that you are going to be one of those who does the Will of God. Thank you for listening.