The Key to the Kingdom

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The Key To The
Kingdom Of God
A Message From The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
The National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
(Delivered to the M.G.T./G.C.C. - Chicago, Illinois ~ November 16, 1996)



To Sister Charlene Muhammad, who is Chairman of the Board of the M.G.T. and G.C.C., to
Sister Captain A'ishah Muhammad, to all of the Laboring Staff, Officials of the M.G.T. and the
I am very thankful to Allah, to have this opportunity to be in your company. I have a lot on my
mind and I am just getting back from a bout with the flu. But there is so much that I wish to
share with you. I want you to pay very good attention to what I am about to say.
1. Most women look for and seem to need, the approval of a man to make them feel special
to themselves. It is sad, because if you do not get approval from some male, does it mean
that you are less? Mother Tynetta Muhammad designed a garment that is called "Dress
19" and the 19th Surah of the Holy Qur'an is called "Maryam". That Surah is so
important that I would like to call a few things to your attention, so that from this day
forward, you will never again need the approval of a male to make you feel as God
intends for you to feel. Once you feel dependent upon someone's approval, they can use
that need to manipulate you and make you act or do other than how you should act or
what you should do. For any female, in 1996, to be that weak mentally, is to say that we
have a long way to go to get where God wants the woman to be.
2. I am very honored to be in this class this morning and very honored to have the privilege
of sharing a few thoughts with you. Surah 19, which is a very important chapter, starts
like this: "In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Sufficient, Guide, Blessed,
Knowing, Truthful God." Look at the words. "Sufficient". Sufficient for who? Sufficient
for Maryam. Sufficient for you. But if you are weak in your connection to Allah (God),
then you will be what any man wants to make you and there are not too many good men
out here that want to make anything of you but what the devil has already made of you.
3. I am going to get as deep as time and circumstance will let me. I want you to take these
words to heart. "Sufficient". Is He really? No, He is not. If your connection with Allah
(God) is weak, then He is not sufficient for you. Therefore, you will be looking from
pillar to post for some man. And if a man does not come along in a timely fashion, all of a
sudden your world crumbles, because there is no "man" in your life. Then you are a
victim. You are not the woman yet that Maryam was, because Allah (God) was sufficient
for her. It is clear to me that a lot of the brothers do not want righteous women.
4. And it is clear to me that if you just want a "n......", then you can find that anytime,
anyplace, anywhere. But that is not what you are being trained for. Everybody needs

companionship, but what kind of company is this that you want in your life? If it is the
same company you have had in your life, then you need to stop right where you are and
make Allah (God) sufficient for you. Naturally, you do not know how to do that.
Therefore, you are victimized, daily, hourly, by the minute and by the second, because
you have not found sufficiency in Allah(God.)
5. He is called "Guide". If He is "Sufficient" as a "Guide" for you, then who do you really
need to talk over problems with? Look at the people you take for friends; look at the
people you consult with when you have a problem. And Allah is usually last on the list.
You do not confer with God. You look for some other female, whose condition is as bad
or worse than your own; or you look for some man from your past life or present life and
you end up with that feeling of emptiness on the inside, because you, as a female, have
not recognized your value to Allah (God), your need for Allah (God) and His sufficiency
for you in all circumstances.
6. You look at your children, saying, ‘I have all these children. I need Joe (or John, or
Henry, or Frank).' Wait a minute. You have a need all right, but Joe is not the Life-Giver.
Neither is John, Henry or Frank. When Allah (God) decrees that life enters the womb,
Allah (God) nurtures what is in the womb. Then if you and Allah (God) make life, who
do you need above him who gave you the sperm? You need Allah (God) in you life. And
there is no man who is an actual substitute for Allah (God). I don't care how good the
man is, Allah (God) has no equal, no partners.
7. He is Unique, Incomparable. Neither I nor your husband can approach him, except as a
servant. Who is your consort in this matter? What is this class all about? This is not just a
group of women coming together to talk about white folks and what the devil has done to
us. Is that what this is? Just learning how to cook a little bean soup and clean your house?
If that is all this is about, then go and take a home economics course somewhere. That is
not what ‘M.G.T. and G.C.C.' is all about.
8. And if that is what your concept is of this class, then everybody needs to sit down and be
taught all over again. "Blessed, Knowing, Truthful God." He is not a liar. A Husband will
lie. A boyfriend will lie. Allah (God) is the Truth! What you need in your life is not mere
lies and deceit. You need, first of all, to be a truthful woman. And the only way you can
be a truthful woman is to be connected properly to the Truthful God. Surah 19 (Verses 2-
6) continues, "A mention of your Lord to His servant Zacharias--When he called upon his
Lord, crying in secret.
9. He said: My Lord, my bones are weakened and my head flares with hoariness, and I have
never been unsuccessful in my prayer to (You), my Lord. And I fear my kinsfolk after
me, and my wife is barren, so grant me from (Yourself) an heir." "Grant me from Yourself
an heir." It all starts and ends with Allah (God) and our relationship to him "(Give) me
from (Yourself) an heir...(who) should inherit me and inherit of the Children of Jacob,
and make him, my Lord, acceptable (to You)."

10. You cannot even produce a child that is worthy, without the Help of Allah (God). Since
you are the producer of the Nation, your relationship to Allah (God) has to be intact,
otherwise your womb will produce your destruction. All of us want to be pleased with our
children. And those of you who have not had children yet should consider yourself very
fortunate, because at least you can prepare. This "hit and miss" that we have been
involved in--maybe we will get it right.
11. We have produced from our own loins and wombs, Cain and Abel all over again, all over
again, all over again, but Mary "hit it" the first time. You do not want Cain. You do not
want to produce one good one and one no good one; one who will believe in Allah (God),
one who won't believe in Allah (God). You don't want that in your life. But if you don't
want that in your life, there is a change you have got to make and not tomorrow.
12. The problem is, you are in the world and the world exercises such a strong pull. Most of
us do not really know how to ward off the pull of the world and a lot of us do not care to
ward it off. We have one foot--maybe not even a foot--in the world of Allah (God), and
all other members of the body dabbling in, wallowing in the world. It really looks nice to
see everybody dressed in their uniforms. But Allah (God) doesn't care about anybody
looking nice.
13. We all know how to look when we come to the Mosque. It is not how you look when you
come here, it is how you look when you are not here. That is the real you. Surah 19
(Verses 7-9) continues: "O Zacharias, We give thee good news of a boy, whose name is
John: We have not made before anyone his equal. He said: My Lord, how shall I have a
son, and my wife is barren, and I have reached extreme old age? He said: So (it will be).
Your Lord says: It is easy to Me, and indeed I created you before, when you were
14. That is an easy thing for Allah (God) to do: to decree that your womb will bear a
beautiful life. Even if you are trying to have children and you do not have any, do not
despair. Just keep on preparing yourself. So many did not even prepare--they just had
one. And one is Cain, one is Abel. More Cain than Abel. Now look (Verse 16): "And
mention Mary in the Book." Mary was a woman that screened herself from men. That is
something very hard for a woman to do.
15. We dress for other women, but we dress for men. We get our hair done for other women,
but we get our hair done for men. We like men to notice how nice we look and to even
make a comment. Some of us don't know an insult from a compliment. Some of us take
insult for compliment and compliment for insult, because we want to attract attention to
ourselves in a manner that is not the best. We mentioned the number "19".
16. As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us, and you have heard Mother Tynnetta
Muhammad say it many, many times, "9" is the number of completion. It represents, of
course, our 9 planets and it represents the female, who is carrying life to term which is 9
months. If you look at the numbers from right to left, rather than left to right, the "1" is

behind the "9", not in front of it. The "1" behind the "9" is generating itself through the
"9". And that is why "19" could be called Maryam. She did not miss; she produced for
Allah (God) the first time.
17. I do not know why they call you "Miss". Maybe the father "missed", because he was after
a boy, and when you got here, he "missed". Think about it. How in the world could
somebody have "missed", when they produced you? You see, even the language of the
world is against the female. Usually all men want to see themselves first. If the baby is a
girl, you see this look of disappointment. In some societies, they literally go off. But they
never "missed" when you were born.
18. That was a "hit", if there ever was one, because Allah (God) has come to make Himself
known to you, and through you, to the entire world. But you have got to give Him the
chance to make Himself known. The class is supposed to be preparing you so that you
can allow Allah (God) to make Himself known through you. Now, here (Surah 19) is this
woman, Maryam. She "Screened" herself from men. And then Allah (God) said, "We sent
to her Our spirit and it appeared to her as a well-made man." (Verse 17) And when the
man showed up, even though Allah sent him, she said, "I flee for refuge from (you) to the
Beneficent, if (you) art one guarding against evil."(Verse 18).
19. She is taking no chance that this is the wrong man, so she is fleeing to Allah (God) to take
refuge in Him. She says, "Even if you are one guarding against evil, I am still going to
take refuge in Allah (God), because I do not need any evil in my life." "He said: I am only
bearer of a message of your Lord: That I will give you a pure boy. She said, How can I
have a son and no mortal has yet touched me, nor have I been unchaste?" (19, 20) Do you
see how powerful that is? Here is a woman. She has a need.
20. She is a female--like you. She would need, I think, for a man to say, "Mary, you certainly
are beautiful. Mary, you are so fine." But she is saying, "No. I am not for that." He tells
her, "I came to give you a pure boy." But she is not convinced. "You can say that, but how
can I have a son and no mortal has touched me, nor have I been unchaste." In other
words, "and I do not intend to be unchaste now." Wouldn't it be something if you could be
like that?
21. You would create a revolution! All of these men would absolutely get right. But they can
get you too easy. And when it becomes easy to get you, they play with you. And when
they finish playing with you, they play with somebody else. But if this was a class where
there was no play at all; that if they ran into this one it was a stone wall--they ran into the
next one, it was a stone wall-- then you would hear decent conversation among the FOI.
"I tried, but she said she sought refuge in Allah.
22. The minute I approached her, I reached a stone wall. She froze me with a look on her
face." But you don't freeze anybody; your look is inviting. You are just the opposite of
what you are supposed to be; just the opposite. Don't smile at them; what are you smiling

for? Until they become better, what do you look like being an invitational queen? You are
not seeking refuge.
23. When you are seeking refuge in Allah, you get that firm look. He says, "Wait a minute,
sister, I just came to ask you if you need a ride." "I have a ride. That's why I have that car
outside." You have to look at what is out there, but you have to look within first. You will
regret that you were not as strong as you should have been. Why bite your nails with
intense regret, simply because you were weak and did not seek strength from the Source
of strength; One Who was "Sufficient" for Mary; One Who can and will and wants to be
sufficient for you--but you won't let Him.
24. When we named the Mosque "Maryam", it was because as Allah (God) helps us
understand who we are and particularly who you are, then you must understand your
value and you must not cheapen your value. Have you seen people who don't understand
the value of what they have? What do you call a person like that? Somebody just said it:
they are foolish. A foolish woman is not a good thing. And for you not to appreciate your
own value, Sisters, is to make yourself foolish.
25. Allah (God) came to North America by Himself for you. Think about a God that has been
in hiding--for 66 trillion years, the knowledge of God has not been out in the public. Just
think about that. That is enough to blow our minds. People talk about God, but they don't
know Him. They talk about Him and they see the marvelous handiwork of God, but they
don't know Him. They sense and feel His Spirit and His Presence, but they don't know
the Person Who carries that Spirit and is the Source of that Spirit. And then He decides
He will make Himself known.
26. He chooses a people that are no people at all and He says, "I can sit on top of the
mountain, and say that the most beautiful nation is in the wilderness of North America."
He came for you, to make you special to Him. And He called you, "Muslim Girl". Girl.
Some of the sisters got insulted, "I ain't no girl. I'm a woman." Be quiet. To Allah (God),
you will always be a girl. To me, you are my sister. But to Allah (God), Who has come to
be your Teacher, you are a girl to Him. He wants you in the spirit of a girl, so that He can
shape you and mold you.
27. That is why the Bible teaches, "except you come as a little child, you cannot enter the
Kingdom of Heaven." You are not just anybody's girl, you are His little girl. Do you
know how a good father does over his little girl? The little girl can get anything she wants
from the daddy. Just smile at him, talk sweet to him. I remember my daughter Khallidah
when she was a year and a half. I was the minister in New York--I was troubled. Poor,
raggedy and troubled.
28. I was laying in the bed, and she walked into the room. She knew something was
bothering Daddy. All little girls are very very sensitive; not only to their fathers, but to
their mothers as well. She came over and put her little hand on my chest, patted my chest
and laid her head down on my chest. I just looked at her, and I thought, "The Messenger's

Teachings are certainly right. These sisters are born to comfort and console the man."
Now, you are the little girl of Allah (God). I want you to try what I am about to tell you.
29. If you jut try to be pleasing to Allah (God), anything you ask Him, He will give it to you.
I want you to try this out. Here is a God that is so crazy about you--the Black Woman--
that He comes 9,000 miles Alone. Even the scientists may not have agreed with Him. He
said there was no one to uphold Him so His own right arm upheld Him. He came alone
"to seek and to save that which was lost." And when you hear this taught, you say, "He
came to save the man. He came to save the brothers."
30. You leave yourself out of this equation. But He cannot save the brothers, unless he saves
you, because you produce the brothers. If we are ever going to have a great future, it is
going to have to come through you. His aim was you. When He came, He threatened the
Messenger--over you. "Set the class up. Let no man in that class." Why? Why not let men
in here? If you let a man in a class like this, he will just go crazy. Most of them cannot
take your love. It is really sad.
31. There are men who cannot take the love of their own daughters. If a man will try to sleep
with his own daughter, who loves him, what chance do you have? So keep them out of
here. Get them out of your affairs. Since the Minister is trying to be a good man, He will
allow him in every now and then. And he doesn't stay long. [Response from audience].
Yes, I think you are right. You do need for me to stay longer than I do stay. Sisters, I think
I can bring some closure to this.
32. Allah (God) sees you as so special to Him. You may not be special to Minister so-and-so,
or Captain so-and-so or Lieutenant so-and-so. So what? To hell with them all! They are
not important, except in their service of God. So because your captain doesn't like you, so
what? You did not come here for her. You did not come to the Mosque for the minister or
the captain. You came here for Allah (God), and don't you forget it!. At least, you are
supposed to have come for Allah (God).
33. I don't know what your motive was, but we can clear that up today. Even if you came for
the minister--away with that! You came for the captain--ahh, please! That's nothing! They
come, they go, they're up today, down tonight, in today, out tonight! You don't come for
any of them! Allah (God) is Eternal, and so is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and
don't forget it! My dear and beloved Sisters, Allah (God) loves you so well, He
appreciates the least little thing you do.
34. Your husband may not even notice it. Your mother, your father, the sister captain, the
brother captain, the brother minister, may not notice it. But Allah (God) notices every
little thing you do to please Him! To some of my sisters who have gotten time out when
they should have had time in: I just want to remind you of something. Here are people
that can give you time out, but they can never take Allah (God) away from you. Nobody
wants to get time out--not in your right mind.

35. But take it! If you notice, you were out there all by yourself, but there was a God right
out there with you. You didn't have a whole lot of FOI around, but Allah was Sufficient,
He was right there. And even though you were upset and angry, yet Allah (God) kept you
in your right mind. "Yes, I did my time. I got fornication, I did my little time." Allah
(God) sees all of that. He says, "Yes, that's My little servant. She's weak today but she's
going to be strong tomorrow.
36. That's My little servant, I am going to get her strong." Any little thing you do. Just like
going home and looking at your house. "Oh, it doesn't look like it is supposed to look, so
I am going to clean it up." Why? For some man to knock on your door? No. Allah (God)
has already knocked on your door. "Oh, Allah loves my house when it is clean!" Allah
(God) says, "Look at my little servant, she is trying to please Me." When she goes into
the kitchen, He is going to make that bean soup real special for her body, because she is
trying to please Him.
37. When she goes to the mosque, tired, and meets a grumpy official, "Step over here, sister!"
Allah (God) says, "Look at her. She takes this from a grumpy lieutenant. I am not going
to let that lieutenant sleep well tonight. I will let my servant get in and get something out
of the teachings, but that grumpy official will get nothing today!" Let me tell you
something. You are so special to Him, that He rewards you double, triple and quadruple,
for any little thing you do. That is why I want you, today, to make Him sufficient for you.
38. Not any man! God, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, and His Servant. You make
Them Number One in your life and see if you don't make a change! I just want you to try
it so I can come back in a month or so and you can testify. "I tried what you said!" Think
about something you want Allah (God) to do right now. Have you got it? Now to prove
that He loves you, ask Him for what you want and ask Him to make it a blessing to you.
Because sometimes you ask for things, and when you get it, it is not a blessing.
39. You know what I am talking about. It is the same way that a father is very hard pressed to
deny his daughter. I remember one of my daughters was getting married and she wanted a
big wedding, which cost big money. I was trying to squeeze pennies at that particular
time, and she said, "Daddy, I have been obedient and I have not gone out in the street. I
have been a decent person. The least you could do--" That was the end of that. She made
her case.
40. It was so strong, so compelling, because she could have been out there, cheap and loose,
but she strove mightily to be who she was. I said, "Go ahead and have the big wedding!"
This is what Allah (God) wants to do for you. Not give you a big wedding, though maybe
He will do that too, but He wants to show you how favored you are in His sight. I don't
care who says you are ugly. I don't know what that "ugliness" means. Some of you don't
think you are too pretty; you have low self-esteem, don't you?
41. And when a so-called pretty sister comes in the mosque, you give her a hard time, don't
you? "Who does she think she is?" Don't screw up your face because she "appears" a

certain way. Allah (God) looks all the way in. While someone's outer appearance may
please you or me, it may be ugly as sin in the sight of Allah (God). All of you that believe
are beautiful to Allah (God). He has the Power to take your belief and turn it into
absolutely indescribable beauty.
42. You can come here ugly, pimply-faced and hair so short you can't twist it with a tweezer.
I don't care how people think you look, or how you think you look. The moment you say
you believe in Allah (God) and start trying to be what Allah (God) has asked you to be,
He turns the beauty of your faith into an indescribable charisma that makes you draw all
people unto yourself. It is true, true, true! You can have the prettiest face, but if your faith
is not there, you drive people away from you.
43. Now, Sisters. I would like for you, today, to take Allah (God) as your Principal Friend
and make Him Sufficient in your life for you. Here is what I would like for you to do.
You are a natural person, and you don't overcome this desire to be wanted, needed and
appreciated by men overnight. But once you believe this is real--and it is-- and you say,
"Allah (God) came for me and He is going to make a world from me and through me.
The least I can do is try to please Him.
44. Now I am going to see if Allah (God) will be Sufficient for me." Then you try it. And
when something comes up in your life that makes you a little weak, turn right to Allah
(god) and say, "Allah, I know you are Sufficient for me. I don't need this, I need You in
my life. I am going with You." Some of you are hanging on to bad relationships. Perhaps
you should, because it might get better.
45. But when it gets to the point where it is going to make you other than yourself and
destroy the Purpose of God's Own Coming for you, hold it. Allah is Sufficient. Stand on
the Sufficiency of Allah (God), knowing that He will not forsake you. But you have to
know this. Try Him; He tries you. Try Him; He is Sufficient. How do I know these
things? Because if I didn't know it, I would be walking in total fear. This devil is angry,
angry, angry with me and he wants me dead just as sure as I want to see you with Allah
(God). But I do not care what he wants.
46. I am like Mary; I am the male Mary. All messengers of Allah (God) are styled as women
in the symbolic language. Even in the Problem Book it says, "Ask your Teacher and she
will teach you quickly." It is really talking about the Messenger, but He is given a
feminine character, because Mary is to Allah (God) as the Messenger is to Allah (God). If
Allah (God) was Sufficient for Mary, He has to be Sufficient for the Messenger.
47. If He is a Guide and He is the Blessed, and He is Truthful, then all of my blessings come
from being close to Him and doing what I believe will please Him. Look at the prayer
that Zacharias sent, "I have never been unsuccessful in my prayer to You." You want to be
like that, whatever you ask for. The Messenger told me before He left, "Brother, ask for
anything of Allah in my name and He will give it to you." Try that now.

48. You have tried everything else. You have tried all of the beauty tips. You have washed
your face in this soap or that one, tried this cream or that one. You have tried all the
hairstyles; added it on, pulled it off, straightened it out, curled it up, made it tough as
steel. You have done it all, haven't you? Still dissatisfied, aren't you? You have put on
nails, taken them off. You have dressed up your foot, dressed up your ankle, put several
things in your ear, in your nose. You have done everything--trying to be pretty, I imagine.
Try Allah (God).
49. As the woman of Allah (God), how wonderful you will feel today if you make that
commitment. I have come home to spend my time now inside this house. I do not know
how long Allah has for me, but I do know that I cannot leave you in the state that you are
in unless Allah says, "I am sorry, you have spent enough time with them, you come now."
Then, that is on you. But I have taught you well. I have no regrets. I desire to clean up the
house, with your help, of course. Only if we clean up, can we expect victory.
50. I saw the fight with Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. I was so hurt when Mike lost and
I saw my brother stumbling around that ring. I knew he was being hurt by the blows
raining down on him and at a certain point, he did not know where he was. He was
literally almost senseless. I thought about how humble Mike was when he came out of
prison. How humble he was.
51. He knocked people out so fast, he began to become full of his own powers and if you
listened to his language as he spoke about Holyfield, "I'm gonna deal with you, etc.".
Allah (God) was not in the conversation. On the other hand, here was Holyfield. The
underdog. But don't you think for a moment that God doesn't answer Christian prayers.
Allah is God and He answers the righteousness of your call. Holyfield knew he could not
win, except the Spirit came with him. So while he was getting in shape, he was doing
something else.
52. He was commanding the Holy Spirit to come with him. The Bible says, "Not by might,
nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord." When Holyfield came in the ring he had
a little smile on his face. He was confident--not in himself--in the Power of God that he
felt with him. And early on in the fight I saw Mike struggling to manhandle him, but
when Holyfield hit him--boom!--I could see Mike stop.
53. It was almost like a bull, when you hit him in the head and he knows he has been hit with
something. It wasn't just Holyfield's power, it was the Power of the Spirit behind the blow
that was punishing the brother to make him humble. After the fight was over, in the press
conference, Mike was very humble, the way he should have been before the fight. I say to
Muslims don't you ever think that because you know God, that you can play with Him.
54. Don't you ever think that because you know what you know, God will be with you if you
don't do what you are supposed to do with what you know. Allah will allow a disbeliever
to beat you, to make you see why you need to be more in tune with your God. There is

work that has to be done on the inside of this House and I thought that it is fitting and
proper that it start with you.
55. Try today to make Allah Sufficient for you. Will you just try it? In the little thing where
you are weak, resist it now. When you are "hit on", as you will be, just gird up yourself.
"Allah, I am calling on You. I seek refuge in You from this that is coming in my face."
When you are able to resist successfully, you will produce a slight change in the heart of
the person that has been victimizing you to this point. A slight change.
56. They will be back, because they don't believe it. "I'll try tomorrow." And they will
sweeten the pot a little. If you are just as strong tomorrow as you are today, and as strong
the day after tomorrow as you are today and will be tomorrow, then all of a sudden, the
brother will say, "God has come into her life." Then you tell the brother, "Now go and get
God into your life." After a while, the whole mosque will take on a different feel. It will
start with you. You are the key.
Thank you for listening, as I greet you in Peace: