The Time and What Must be Done Part 30

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'Muhammad's Economic Blueprint: Ending Poverty & Want (Part 1)'


'The time and what must be done'—2013 Lecture Series, Part 30




[Editor’s note:  The following article contains a distillation of the first part of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day keynote address he delivered at the U.I.C. Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, February 24, 2013 titled “Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint: Ending Poverty & Want.”  This portion of the message serves as Part 30 of his 52-week Lecture Series on “The Time and What Must Be Done,” which aired on Saturday, August 3, 2013.  Click here to order this message it in its entirety on MP3, DVD and CD or call 1.866.602.1230, ext. 200.

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. 

“Saviours’ Day” for us in The Nation of Islam is the celebration of the Birth of One Who was born February 26, 1877 in the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia, Master Fard Muhammad.  He made Himself manifest to us on July 4th, 1930, and began to teach among us, fulfilling what is written in the scriptures of The Coming of God under the name “The Son of Man,” Who would come out of the East into the West seeking “that which was lost”:  “For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:27)

“The Great Mahdi,” the long-expected Guide by the Muslims; and, “Messiah,” long-expected by the Christians and the Jews:  We believe that this was fulfilled in The Coming of this Great One Who came under disguise, looking like a Caucasian…

And that would allow Him to move easily among Caucasians, to get to His people, the Black people of America, which is fulfilling what is written in the scriptures of both Bible and Holy Qur’an:

He came “in sinful flesh to condemn sin in the flesh” (Romans 8:3).

He came as a “thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:22 Peter 3:10):  While the people were under The Darkness of Ignorance, He came. 

He was “a light that shined in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not” (John 1:5):  People saw a “man,” people heard a “man”—and He did a Great Work! 

He was a Holy Man, coming under the “cover of darkness” which is symbolized in the Bible (Matt. 1:181 Peter 3:10) as “The Holy Ghost” that came under darkness and came upon Mary, a “virgin”:  A people that were a “virgin people,” who have never had an intercourse or “relationship” with God; that out of them would come a Messenger of God! (Surah 19:16-22)



But today, today, today:  We have had that “relationship,” and now we have a direct connection with The Lord of The Worlds!  And after being with us for three years and four months in that time of “intercourse” or “relationship,” out of it came a human being, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as His “Messenger/Messiah”—but now, “The Exalted Christ” that the whole world is looking for. I, Louis Farrakhan, stand, to represent Them to you, as aTeacher and Guide, and as a Warner to America, her people, and The Nations of the Earth.


‘The condition of a people’:  A hypothesis that confirms Black people are their own ‘agent of change’

Before I get into our subject matter, I want to begin with a few scriptures that I want the viewing audience, and readers, to internalize; so that when the three-week airing of this Saviours’ Day address is over (Parts 30, 31 and 32of The Time and What Must Be Done Lecture Series), I want to see if you are in agreement with what we have said.  And, if in agreement, we are willing to act upon The Principles that you will hear and read. 

The scripture teaches in the Book of Proverbs, the 29th Chapter, the 18th verse:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he”—so this subject,“Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint: Ending Poverty & Want,” by Allah’s Grace, will give us a “vision” of what we as a people must do to solve our problems; such, that if you just go back and feed on The Word, “the picture” that this vision will give you will come back up in your mind.  And if it is rooted in your heart, then soon that which is a “vision” today will be made a “reality” tomorrow.  It is a vision that has to be supported by a moral commitment by us as a people.

In the Holy Qur’an, the issue of “changing the condition of a people” is mentioned:  In Surah 13Ar-Ra’d (“The Thunder”), verse 11, Allah (God) says, “…Surely Allah changes not the condition of a people, until they change their own condition. …,” and in Surah 8 Al-Anfal (“Voluntary Gifts”), verse 53, it reads, “This is because Allah never changes a favour which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition—and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing.”

Now, in the Bible, God sets up a hypothesis  According to the dictionary, a “hypothesis” is “an interpretation of a practical situation, or condition, taken as the grounds for action”; also, “a statement that explains or makes generalizations about a set of facts or principles, usually forming a basis for possible experiments to confirm its viability.”  So that “hypothetical” that God sets up in the Book of 2 Chronicles, Chapter 7, verse 14, I want us to pay attention to it, because I want us to deepen our understanding of it: 

“If My people, which are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face”—or, “My favor”—“and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land.”

These scriptures make it abundantly clear that you and I:  We are “The Agent of Change” that we are looking for!  But, you and I have to be willing to make that “change” within ourselves.

But how can you “change something” unless something is introduced to you that will stimulate you to make that change?  It is your response to what we will give to you in “Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint: Ending Poverty & Want” which will allow us to become “The Change” that we are looking for.  Remember, this message is part of the year-long subject titled “The Time and What Must Be Done,” and will point out: 1) What you and I must do to affect our condition positively2) What America must do to save herself; and 3) What members of the Jewish community must do in order to be a part of that which God “makes new,” and free themselves of the curse of those who made a book (“The Babylonian Talmud”) that they touted as “equal to” or “superior” to that Book which God revealed to them called The Torah.

This time of great crisis and economic downturn calls for a sound Economic Plan

Over 48 years ago, at a time of great crisis, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad outlined in theMuhammad Speaks newspaper a “Plan” that sought to address the economic plight of Black people in the United States.  It was presented at that time as an “Economic Savings Program,” or a “3-Year Savings Plan”and it was the greatest effort in the history of Black people in America to:  1) break our harmful spending habits; 2) pool our earnings; and 3) redirect our wealth in ways that would lead to self-sufficiency in America.

The Program called on not only Muslims, but all Black wage earners—the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy—to make affordable contributions, on a regular basis, into a single “national treasury.”

But why did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad give us this Plan 48 years ago?  He warned us that 100 percent inflation would come to America, totally destroying the value of “the dollar.”  He wrote that a financial crash was on the way more severe than The Stock Market Crash of 1929 (a.k.a. “Black Tuesday”).  And, he wrote that America would experience a loss of wealth so severe that it would force the descendants of slaves to finally get up and do something for themselveseconomically.

Today, in “2013”:  December of this year will mark “100 years” since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and the Anti-Defamation League (“ADL”)—and since 1913, America’s debt has gone from $2 billion to more than $16.4 trillion.  Now, these three institutions were set up to work “in unity”:  One was to create debt (Federal Reserve); one was to enforce a tax policy, to take from the American citizens enough to pay that debt (IRS); and “The Watchdog” of the whole thing (the ADL) was to see who would recognize “who did this”—and that’s when the Anti-Defamation League would “raise the cry of Anti-Semitism” against that person.  And now, America is seeing herself in ruin because of it:  Though they are telling you the inflation rate is a low “1.7 percent,” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is now running the printing presses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to “prop up” a falling economy with money that is backed by nothing

The money that the Federal Reserve Bank is printing has no value; it’s “phony money,” fiat money.  Every month the Federal Reserve is flooding the monetary system with $85 billion in fiat, or “phony,” money!  It is valueless paper that makes whatever wages we earn lose its value.  They can pacify us with the talk of “recovery,” but your bill for milk, for bread, for oil, for gasoline, forcereal, for butter, for transportation, for the essential goods that make life livable for the American people:  Those prices are skyrocketing!  Yet, your wages are not “keeping pace”—you’re making “$7 and a few pennies” for an hourly wage. 

Well, now we have 29 states under severe drought, ruining crops and livestock; with “one major storm after another.”  And with all the calamities that are happening, this only adds to the pressure on an economy that is already on “life support.”  Now, the people are being taxed to pay for this; however, the debt is so far beyond what little the people have, that they can never pay it down.  And to tax the people further would deprive them more of the essentials of life which they are barely getting now. 

The fact is that we are now facing the grim reality that everything that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad predicted has now come to pass. 

Statistics on the dire condition of ‘Black Life’ in America

Today we find ourselves in dire straits, and slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss of povertyand want.  And in this latest economic downturn, the so-called “Great Recession,” Blacks continue to suffer disproportionately more than any other people.  The following are some statistics:

America’s total wealth:  Blacks make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, but own a meager “1 percent” of America’s total wealth.  “America’s total wealth” includes landbuildings, and business that is on the land; it equals about $65 trillion—and we own 1 percent (about $650 billion). Foreclosure rates:  Americans are losing their homes to foreclosure at a rate of “1 million a year.”  Five million (5,000,000) Americans have lost their home so far, and the “Black foreclosure rate” is 80 percent higher than the rate of Whites!  All of the financial gains made by the “Black middle class” over the last 30 years have now been totally wiped out.

Unemployment rate:  The official “unemployment rate” is 7.8 percent.  It’s inching downward just a little; but in January of this year, the official rate for Blacks shot up over a full point, from 13 percent to 14 percent.  But these numbers are deceptive:  Some economists say that the “unemployment rate for Blacks” is closer to 30 percent.  Incarceration rates:  One in every 15 Black men is incarcerated—that’s a 500 percent increase since 1986!  Black-on-Black Homicide rates:  There have been more than a quarter of million (250,000+) “Black-on-Black homicides” since 1976! High school dropout rate:  The high school dropout rate among our poorest students approaches 60 percent.

Poverty rates:  The federal minimum wage is “7.25 per hour,” but nearly 7.7 million people are known as “the working poor,” workers who have incomes that put them below the poverty line.  In several cities, the “jobless rate” for Black men is well over 50 percent; and for Black teenagers, it was over 40 percent.  There are 49 million people—16 percent of the American population—who are now in poverty, and 11 million of them are Black.  Although Blacks represent 13 percent of the general population of the U.S., they represent 28 percent of the poor population in this country.  This is the largest number ever recorded.  There are 10 million American children in poverty, whereas 39 percent of Black children under 18 years of age live in poverty, and 32 percent of households headed by single women are poor.  There are more than 5 million more women than men who live in poverty.

Now, you might say:  “Well man!  These are some tough statistics…”  If we don’t do something about it, they can only get worse.

Unemployment benefits and food stamps rates:  Were it not for “unemployment insurance,” 2.3 million more people would be in poverty, while 21 million people were kept out of poverty by Social Security.  Blacks were almost a quarter (25 percent) of those receiving “extended unemployment benefits.”  A recent report found that more than 300,000 Americans with either “Masters” degrees, or “Ph.D.” degrees were receiving food stamps.

The picture for youth, worldwide, is just as bleak:  It is estimated that 75 million young people are out of work around the world.  And if you look at the revolutions that are going on all around the world, and look at the faces of those who are revolting against their governments, it is the face of The Young!  More than 200 million young people around the Earth are working, but earning less than $2 a day.  In the Middle East and North Africa, approximately 1-in-4 young people are without a job.

The statistics for Blacks in America have always been bad!  And now, they are truly ominous. Clearly, we are in a dire condition—and the government of America cannot solve our problem.  I want you to understand this, brothers and sisters; you whose “hope” is in government to do this.

The wealth gap between Whites and Blacks:  Even though we in 2013 are celebrating a Black“two-term president,” despite all of our “hoping” and “dreaming” Brother President Barack Obamasimply has not been able to repair the damage caused by centuries of racism and greed, which has now run this nation over a “fiscal cliff.”  President Obama may have done his best to “plug the holes” of this fast-sinking ship, but the fact is that when he was sworn in on January 20, 2009 for his first term, the Black unemployment rate was 12.7 percent.  Now, at the start of his second term, it stands at 13.8 percent.  Meanwhile, the wealth gap is now so wide that White Americans now have 22 times more wealth than the average Black American. 

So even though “one of our own” has reached the pinnacle of the American political system, his presence in that highest political office has not, cannot—and will not—solve our problems.  And our problems only appear to be getting worse.

You might say, “My God, Farrakhan!  Is it that bad really?”  Look in your pocketbooks—and you’ll tell me “how bad” it is!


In the “The Muslim Program” under “What The Muslims Believe, Point No. 9,” the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, over 50 years ago, said these words:  “We do not believe that America will ever be able to furnish enough jobs for her own millions of unemployed in addition to jobs for [now over 40 million] Black people.”

Well, 50 years ago we marched on Washington in 1963, and the cry was “JUSTICE!” and “JOBS!”  Twenty years later, in 1983, we marched again in recognition of  The March of 1963—and, our cry again was “JUSTICE!” and “JOBS!”  And right now, we’re meeting together, leaders and organizations, and our cry is still the same“JUSTICE!” and “JOBS!”:  We’re begging the president, “Why don’t you put up a ‘jobs bill’?”  And even if he did, what good would that do if he cannot back the bill up by producing the jobs?

And by the way:  A “jobs bill” (“The American Job Act”), they say, will only produce “3 million jobs”—but there are 15 million out of work.  Who do you think will get the jobs, then?  You?  Doesn’t history tell us that Black people will always be “the first fired” and “the last hired”?  Do you think that has “changed” because a Black man is in the White House?

Well, the scriptures have clearly shown that The Judgment of Allah (God) is against America.  TheHoly Qur’an, in the 7th Surah, the 130th verse, says:  “And certainly We overtook Pharaoh’s people with droughts and diminution of fruits that they might be mindful.”  Is America underdrought right now?  Is there “diminution of fruit” right now?  In the Book of Psalms, the 105th Chapter, the 16th verse, we read:  “Moreover, God called for a famine upon the land…”—that is coming!  These books make it clear that The Judgment will be in the form of rainhailsnow andearthquakes.

Look at the words President Obama spoke during his “State of The Union Address” he delivered on Tuesday, February 12, 2013:  “[Now, it’s true that no single event makes a trend. But]…the fact is the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15 [years]. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods—all are now more frequent and more intense.  We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a ‘freak coincidence.’ Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science—and act before it’s too late. 

Well, wait a minute!  Now, if you want to believe in “the overwhelming judgment of science,” understand this:  There is not “science” without a scientist; and “rain,” “hail,” “snow” and “earthquake” is “Science”!  So the question you have to ask yourself is:  “Who is The Scientist that is behind the natural disasters that are afflicting America?”  What Farrakhan is telling you:  I represent that Scientist!  That’s why I can say it, and it happens right after I say it!  Take it, or leave it alone!

Allah’s Creation of the human form is perfect representation of ‘the distribution of wealth’

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad foretold of the coming of this great and dreadful day, and he preached about it for nearly a half-a-century.  But he also tried mightily to prepare us for the inevitable:  He set down for us a way to overcome our terrible condition and lift ourselves into true independence and self-sufficiency.  He called it “Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint.”  InMessage To The Blackman in Americathe Chapter “Program and Position,” under the section“An Economic Blueprint” on page 17, he said that if we followed this Plan, it would make us strong, firm warriors in the battle to end “poverty and want in the midst of plenty.”

Why did he call it an “Economic Blueprint”

What is “economics”?

What is a “blueprint”

And why an economic one, rather than a “spiritual,” “social,” “political” or “religious” one? 

The answer to the latter question is this:  All of the spiritual, the moral, the social and the political will play on “The Economic Plan.”  The word “economics” comes from the Greek wordoikonomikos, denoting “the science of household management”; however, it has come to be defined as “the science of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services,” or “the material welfare of humanity.”  A “blueprint” is something defined as that which acts as a “plan,” a “model,” or “something providing guidance,” “a detailed plan, or program, of action.”  So if we’re finally going to “get our house in order,” an “Economic Blueprint” is exactly what we need—but it is an economy with a Divine definition…

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad saw in Allah’s Creation of The Human Body the “perfect representation of ‘economy’”:  1) The perfect management, thrift and skill of “avoiding waste”and 2) The most efficient method for “the distribution of wealth.”  We offer this image of the human form as The Greatest Example of “the distribution of wealth”:

I want you to look at it.  And then when you are home, if you want to check your weight (while nobody’s watching—smile), take off your clothes and take a look in the mirror at your form, because this human form starts from one cell, and now there are billions of cells in this body of ours!  Well, God started Creation from one man, and now there are 7 billion human beings on our planet—but why are so many people hungry?  Why are so many people deprived of the essentials of life? 

If this body is “a model for the distribution of wealth,” then consider this:  You have food that comes in through the mouth; it goes down into one place where it is digested and oxidized, turned into a liquid, and then sent throughout the body where every organ, every cell, every muscle is fed only according to its need.  The Heart that is well-fed is not arguing with “The Liver”; and The Liver is not trying to take anything away from “The Kidney”:  Everything is being fed by this System that shows us perfect “distribution of wealth.”  Every “system” has its individual function, and they work together for “The Common Good of The Whole.”  When The Heart is diseased, something is missing!  And if The Liver is diseased, well, what you have is a “Human Community” that isdiseased; and this is why there are uprisings all over the earth, because the people are not getting what they need to survive!  Why?  It is due to “the system of distribution”:  A “capitalist system” of distribution of wealth! 

Our body is not made up of a system of “capitalism,” this is a socialist system…  I am advocating that what God has set up, that makes every cell comfortable; that sets the body up that when you eat proper, think proper, and your health is well taken care of:  None of your organs react because they all are being fed what they need.


Now imagine if such a System of Government existed:  Who would go to bed on this Earth hungry?  Who would be deprived of education?  The Earth is not “ours,” the Earth is “The Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” therefore we are “stewards” of it while we are here!  We know that  thepresent “stewards” are not the ones.  In fact, I point you to Jesus and his Parable of “The Wicked Husbandmen.” 

The Earth was let out into the hands of some wicked husbandmen, and they weren’t bringing in the fruit thereof.  So people came into The Vineyard to see whether the fruit was as it should be, and some the wicked husbandmen beat; and some the wicked husbandmen killed.  And then The Heir to The Vineyard came, and the wicked husbandmen killed him.  So when Jesus asked the members of the Jewish community that he was talking to, “What will The Lord do when He comes?” they answered, saying:  “He will utterly slay those wicked husbandmen.” 

Now, it’s clear that their “stewardship” is what has led to the condition of the Earth today, and it demands a new steward.  So the question you and I have to ask, since God Promises that He will “take The Kingdom from them, and give it to whom He pleases”—if God gives us Kingdom, and makes us “stewards” over The Creation:  What kind of “stewards” are we going to be?  We are hoping that we can become better students through Economics, through Agriculture, through Animal Husbandry, through a Moral And Ethical “Re-Birth”; and that all of the associated industries and technologies that can come from the land will be shared by all those who live on the land.  We must now get on with the serious business of “How To Live,” and share the value of our life with each other, and become human beings rather than “beasts” and “serpents” that are destroying human life “from the womb to the tomb.”

So with this Divine Creation as our “most economical model,” let us look at this “Blueprint” that will, by Allah’s Grace and Mercy, finally end “Poverty & Want” among our people.

‘Five Basic Principles’ in an Economic Blueprint that requires actions and deeds

Refer to Message To The Blackman in the Chapter “Program and Position.”  In the section “An Economic Blueprint” on page 174, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad outlined Five Basic Principles before he gave us “details”:

Recognize the necessity for unity and group operation (activities).

Do you understand that if we can work together as a “group in unity,” we will be more successful, more powerful and more able to do the things that as “individuals working by ourselves” we havenever been able to do?  He continues the remaining four:

Pool your resources, physically as well as financially.

Stop wanton criticisms of everything that is Black-owned and Black-operated.

Keep in mind—[that] jealousy destroys from within.

Observe the operations of the White man. He is successful.  He makes no excuses for his failures. He works hard in a collective manner. You do the same.

Now, these are things that we must do!  So when we read in the section “A Sound Economic Plan I” on pages 195-196 that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asked us to commit to save just “5 cents a day” from our wages—that 25 cents a week, for 52 weeks in the year—that would mean we would put aside $13 a year that we could save in a “National Savings Treasury”:  “The first step the so-called Negro wage-earners should take is to spend only when necessary and according to their income. They should save as much of their salaries as possible—weekly, biweekly or monthly. We, as wage earners, should always plan to save something from whatever we are paid.  … If we can save just five cents a day from our wages, 25 cents a week, $1 a month—that would mean $13 a year we could save in a national savings bank. We number around 22 million and approximately five million are wage-earners. If five million wage-earners saved $13 a year, this would mean $65 million saved out of our wages. At the rate of 25 cents per week, it would be painless. …” 

At that time in 1965 when he wrote this, we numbered “22 million people,” and approximately 5 million were “wage earners.  Well, if 5 million wage earners saved $13 a year, this would mean$65 million saved out of our wages in one year—and…  “At the rate of 25 cents per week, it would be painless.”

Today, brothers and sisters:  Don’t you think we can do better than what we were asked to do 48 years ago?  According to government statistics, there are a little over 16 million Blacks “employed” at some level!  Well, look what happens if we raise the economic bar, and contribute the same “nickel a day”—but we do it 7 days a week, with the working force of 16 million: 

“7 days” x “5 cents a day” =

“35 cents a week.”

Do you have it?  Isn’t that “painless”?  You know you don’t like “pain”…   And look at this: 

“35 cents a week” x “52 weeks a year” =

“$18.20 per year”

And if everybody listening by television—EVERYBODY UNDER THE SOUND OF MY VOICE—gave “$18 and 20 cents a year,” multiply that by “16 million” in the working force”:

“$18.20 a year” x “16 million” =



Two hundred ninety-one million in just one year…  Look at the power of “pennies, nickels and dimes” if all of us did this!  Can you see “the picture”?  We want to do exactly as Isaiah The Prophet said:  “They will rebuild the ancient ruins, and restore the places long-devastated…”  (Isaiah 61:1-5)  They will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations! 

Don’t we live in cities?  Are the places where we live ruined?  Are there many abandoned buildings where we live?  Yes.  Do you own them?  No.  But you walk by them; you smoke reefers and crack in them…  But with nearly $300 million—painless:  Watch what we can do, with the Help of God!  I just want you to see “the picture,” because once you see “the picture,” it’s “done”!  For in the 58th Chapter of the Book of Isaiahverse 12, it teaches that they will be “…the restorer of streets to dwell in.” 

Look at “the streets” where we dwell:  See, if we started saving money, simple “little pennies,” we’ll show you more of what we can do.

‘Ownership of LAND’:  A prime requisite for freedom and independence

In Message To The Blackman, the Chapter titled “Original Man” under section “Help Self: What Must Be Done With The Negroes?” on page 56, study the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  In order to start doing for ourselves, he says we must start with the acquisition ofland:  “Since our being brought in chains to the shores of America, our brain power, labor, skills, talent and wealth have been taken, given and spent toward building and adding to the civilization of another people. It is time for you and me, the so-called Negroes, to start doing for ourselves. We must not let our children be as are we, beggars of another man for his home, facilities, clothing, food and the means of providing a living. Man depends on land for the necessities, food, clothing and shelter for survival. A prime requisite for freedom and independence is having one’s own land. There can be no freedom without a people having their own land.  The acquisition of land has been the factor for more wars than any other cause. Economists agree that in order for any type of nation or system, capitalism or communism, democracy or totalitarian or what have you, to exist and have a degree of independence there must be ownership of land. …”

Land…  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad also wrote on page 196 that “the farm” is the engine of our national life:  “The economical way to use the money you save is first to buy farm land and produce your own food. You can raise enough cattle, sheep, cows and chickens by the thousands if you try following our program. …  Purchase real estate, buy farm and timberland. … Get clay land. …”—but look at the disrespect you have for “farmers”! 

Well, I beg your pardon!  So to the doctorlawyerteacher and preacher, tell me something:  If you don’t “eat well,” how long will you practice law?  If you don’t eat well, you become “the patient,” doctor!  So don’t “look down” on a farmer, look up to a farmer, because today, it will be us farming our own land, producing our own food that will save our lives!

Everywhere I have traveled throughout this Earth where Black people live, I have observed that: Black people are not producing food to feed our populations in Africa, in The Caribbean, and in Central and South America.  Why is that?  Why are we buying food in The Caribbean from America, from Australia, from England, from Europe, from France?  Why are you doing this when the land under your foot is rich

It hurts me to travel, and see us so dependent on others for the basic necessities of life when the richness of our land is there to produce all that we need, and then some!


America is “For Sale.”  But we are not owning it!  We helped build this country; our sweat and blood was used to protect it—shouldn’t we be co-owners of it? 

See, you have to think like that now; I don’t want to walk streets that we don’t “own”!  Everyone can look at their community and say “This is ours,” but when it comes to the Black man and woman in America:  You’re the only people that have a community that’s owned by things and people that liveoutside of our community!  This shows that there’s something wrong with us mentally.

Since our slave masters’ children put their faces on “the dollar” (I think President Andrew Jacksonis on a $20 bill); and since you call the $100 bill “Benjamins,” after Benjamin Franklin (that isn’tyour “Benjamin,” that’s their “Benjamin”):  Well, if they “like their face” so much, then let’s collect as many of their faces as we can and buy up the land!  We want to start in Arkansas, the same way they started buying the land and then working the hell out of us by picking the cotton to make America rich and strong!  Let’s Go Back Over That Road!  Let’s take their faces, give it back to them… 

We don’t want more fiat money, we want land!  Then we can buy the tools that will make us productive on the land, from which will spring all kinds of businesses that inspire entrepreneurs—not people that are “begging somebody else” for a job, but you are creating jobs; then we can grow into a solid economic foundation for us.  But, without the “land,” we have no basis for real capital development.  Plus, we are an “International People”:  Our brothers and sisters are all over the world, desirous of doing business with us!  But if we are not producing anything, we can’t enter into trade and commerce with the nations of the Earth!  As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad inMessage To The Blackman, from the Chapter “Original Man,” section “Help Self: What Must Be Done With The Negroes?” on pages 56-57:  “As a people, we must become producers and not remain consumers and employees.  We must be able to extract raw materials from the earth, and manufacture them into something useful for ourselves! This would create jobs in production. We must remember that without land there is no production; [and] the surplus of what we produce we would sell. This would [help] develop a field of commerce and trade as other free and independent people whose population is less than that of [our] so-called Negroes who are dependent in America.”

The Future is in “our hands”…  You don’t have to “beat up” on other people, you just have to do right by yourself!

To be continued.

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