The Time and What Must be Done Part 34

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America's Errant Foreign Policy


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‘The time and what must be done’—2013 Lecture Series, Part 34



[Editor’s note:  The following article contains a distillation of the hour-long message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Part 34 of his 52-week Lecture Series “The Time and What Must Be Done.”  This message originally aired on Saturday, August 31, 2013 and is now available in its entirety on DVD and CD. A special re-airing of the message also occurred online Sept. 7 and it was shown Sept. 8 at Nation of Islam mosques and study groups around the country as part of the Minister’s efforts to warn against military strikes. It can be seen online at here to order this message it in its entirety on MP3, DVD and CD or call 1.866.602.1230, ext. 200. 



In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Greetings to you.  I am Minister Louis Farrakhan, the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, that Great Preacher of Freedom, Justice and Equality to the Black man and woman of America and the Western Hemisphere, and the Aboriginal People of the Earth; The Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam, and a Warner to the government and people of the United States of America, and to the nations of the Earth.

I am grateful to Almighty God, Allah, for this opportunity to be with you once again on this broadcast.  I thank the “Twitter Army” and our social media friends for their great work in promoting and encouraging dialogue about the subjects we discuss each week.  I thank the ministers, laborers and followers who continue to engage the public in a beautiful manner.


  And although I promised in my last broadcast to talk about “who made the promise to The Children of Israel of a promised land,” and “where is that land that The Children of Israel were promised,” what America and the world is agonizing over at this moment has caused me to change my subject matter; although, inshallah, I will try to answer the questions that I raised before the end of this broadcast. 


So our subject today, on the 34th edition of “The Time and What Must Be Done,” is: “America’s Errant Foreign Policy.”

What is the definition of “errant”?  It means “deviation from the regular or proper course; erring; straying.” “Erring” means “going astray; being in error or wrong.”

Military intervention in Syria:  Media reports on the fallacies of alleged ‘evidence’

In previous broadcasts of “The Time and What Must Be Done,” in particular, Part 13 and 14, we shared and recounted America’s misadventures and interventions in the affairs of other nations seeking to murder or overthrow the leaders of those countries, and replace them with leaders who were willing to do America’s bidding.  On Monday, August 26, 2013, the U.S. Secretary of StateJohn Kerry held a press briefing in which he announced the Obama Administration’s conclusion and determination that “the Syrian government used chemical weapons on innocent people.” 

Based on America’s history of “false flag” operations, great doubt exists as to the truth of whether the Syrian government is in fact responsible for the use of chemical weapons.  Or, is it thatAmerica is responsible through the use of her proxies (“nations that America uses as an agent; as an authority to act on her behalf)?

What would Syria have to gain by using chemical weapons to cause America to intervene militarily in her country as she is experiencing this terrible civil war?  I think it is America and Europe that are tired of the civil war going on so long without definitive results in the favor of The West and Israel.  So it is today, as it was with America’s “client state” Iraq and Saddam Hussein, in Saddam’s war against Ayatollah (or “Imam”) Khomeini and Iran.

America did not want Iran to be the victor in that war!  America said “a victory for Iran” was totally unacceptable, so America turned a blind eye to Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons thatAmerica supplied him. Chemical weapons that not only killed soldiers, but innocent people, for the benefit of others.  America never raised a cry then about the use of these heinous weapons, because “a victory for Iraq” would be in The West’s favor by destroying Iran.  And today:  A victory for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against all that America is doing against him would not be in America’s favor, or in the favor of Israel.  So military intervention by America, and a “coalition of the willing,” to accomplish your objectives would be in your favor.

Well, since as of Thursday, August 29, 2013, when the United Kingdom Parliament voted against a “Syria Resolution,” and England backed out, some of the coalition are “not so willing.”  And so, America:  Is it “ego” that is driving you to go it alone?  Is it that you will be embarrassed if Assad stays in power?

I wonder …


According to an article appearing August 29, 2013 on (Russian TV-Novosti) titled,“Selective ‘obscenity’: U.S. checkered record on chemical weapons,” it reports on the history of America’s record on the use of chemical weapons.  In part, it reads:  “The U.S. charge against Syria is being driven by Damascus’ alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians. While Washington is quick to intervene on moral grounds, its own checkered past regarding WMDs may put the world’s policeman under the spotlight.  …  From 1962 to 1971, the U.S. military sprayed an estimated 20 million gallons of defoliants and herbicides over Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in a bid to deprive the Vietcong of food and [the natural] cover [of the jungles].  The Vietnamese government estimates that 400,000 people were killed or maimed and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of the so-called ‘rainbow herbicides.’  …  A similar legacy was left by the deployment of white phosphorous and depleted uranium following the U.S.-[led] 2003 invasion of Iraq.”



In an August 25, 2013 Global Research article by David Swanson, Mr. Swanson interestingly entitles his writing “Lying About Syria, and the Lying Liars Who Lie About the Lying”“U.S. prepares for possible retaliatory strike against Syria,” announces a Los Angeles Times headline, even though Syria has not attacked the United States or any of its occupied territories or imperial forces and has no intention to do so. …  Threatening to attack Syria, and moving ships into position to do it, are significant, and illegal, and immoral actions. … The president can claim not to have decided to push the button, but he can’t pretend that all the preparations to do so just happen like the weather.  …”  Mr. Swanson then quotes “Chapter 1, Article 2, Principle No. 4” of The Charter of the United Nations (signed on June 26, 1945, enforced on October 24, 1945; the Statute of the International Court of Justice is an integral part of the Charter), which reads:  “All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations.”


The U.N. Charterlike the American Constitution—is gradually being ripped to shreds, so that there is no more “international law and order,” just the law and  order of “the powerful against the weak” both in the world, and now in the United States of America.

Mr. Swanson’s article also provides “10 reasons why” America should not attack Syria!  (You can find links to full articles referenced in Part 34 on our website at  Mr. Swanson sums up his “10 points” in this way:  “But—guess what?—the evidence suggests strongly that the latest chemical weapons claims are as phony as all the previous ones.”


On June 15, 2013 Global Research News reported about a “deleted January 29, 2013 British Daily Mail Online article” in their article titled, “Deleted Daily Mail Online Article: ‘U.S. Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad’.”  What did the British Daily Mail Online article of January 29th say?  In part:  “Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.  A report released on Monday [January 28, 2013] contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme [allegedly] ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.  Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month [in December 2012] that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.”

The deleted Daily Mail Online article provided a copy of the actual email “From:  David Goulding,” “To: Phillip Doughty,” which reads as follows:  “Phil:  We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.  We’ll have to deliver a CW—“Chemical Weapon”—“to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.  They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.  Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous.  Your opinion?  Kind regards, David.”—and the Daily Mail Online continued by stating:  “The U.S. State Department has not returned a request for comment on the alleged emails to MailOnline today at the time of publication. …” 

As I heard this on the news, when the first report came of the use of chemical weapons, it occurred to me that the rebels and The West were losing the war to take Bashar al-Assad out of power and to destroy his regime; so, the introduction of chemical weapons would force President Obama to do what he threatened Assad that he would do if such weapons were used!  But there was such an outcry … 

Israel, which is not a “dispassionate observer” of this, is the one that gave intelligence to the United States according to the British Guardian news!  Consider the August 28, 2013 Guardianarticle titled “Israeli intelligence intercepted Syrian regime talk about chemical attack’”: “…The bulk of evidence proving the Assad regime’s deployment of chemical weapons— which would provide legal grounds essential to justify any western military action—has been provided by Israeli military intelligence, the German magazine Focus has reported.”  In Part 16 of “The Time and What Must Be Done,” which aired in April 2013, I made mention of the fact that it was in March when it was first being reported in the news that chemical weapons were being used; and, President Obama issued a statement saying that if evidence was found, it would be a “game changer.”  I also stated that six weeks later, on April 23, 2013 it was reported that “Israeli scientists declared that it is sarin gas that is being used by the Bashar government.” 

The first time Israel told America that it was Assad’s regime that was doing this “the evidence” was overwhelming that it was, in fact, a lie!  So that charge went unanswered; and the president was spared having to answer for his statement the previous summer of President Assad “crossing the red line by the use of chemical weapons.”  Now, months later, it comes up again—more devastating than the first time; and Israel, again, “points the finger” at the Assad regime! 

And even though weapons inspectors from the United Nations were there as this broadcast was being made, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was not there to decide “who did it,” but if chemical weapons were, in fact, used.  So the Secretary General “opens a door,” and America says: “Regardless!  We have ‘the facts’, we know it was Assad!  So we’re going ahead, to punish him!”  After the first alleged use of chemical weapons, the U.S. administration decided, as a response, to “step up” the type of weapons that they were giving to the rebels, which means America was already arming the Syrian rebels! 

This was not a “civil war” in which the people inside Syria were rising against their government, alone—no!  They were rising, but they were rising against their government with great help from the outside!  So now we learn that fighters from all over the Middle East are now in Syria, armed by America through her proxies in Qatar and the United Emirates, and other states.

Neoconservative Agenda for Africa and The Middle East

Study this map of Syria on the following page… 

The red-like “pyramids” represent gas fields, and green “pyramids” represent oil fields.  And there is a line going from Iraq all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.  Now, according to the June 18, 2013 article, “The U.S. Wants Syrian Oil, Not Democracy” by Carl Gibson on Readers Supported Newswe gleaned from his article that: 


1.) The Kirkuk-Banias Pipeline(also known as “Iraq–Turkey Crude Oil Pipeline”) was first brought online in 1952.  It runs 600 miles from Kirkuk in Northern Iraq, to the Syrian town of Banias, on the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Lebanon; 2.) It was Iraq’s largest crude oil export line until U.S. forces inadvertently destroyed it in 2003.  Since then they have tried to repair it, but it has not been able to operate at full capacity; 3.)  Until America controls that area, and opens up that pipeline, the major oil companies are not able to get full value out of all the blood and the money they spent to invade Iraq; and 4.) Syria has at least 2.5 billion barrels of oil in its fields making it the next largest Middle Eastern oil producer after Iraq. And new gas fields have recently been found, making it all the more desirable to the Western powers.


So it is more than Assad being a “cruel leader” and a “dictator” that caused America to want him out.  In my broadcast on “The Lie and The Liar,” Parts 25 and 26 of “The Time and What Must Be Done”:  These lies and half-truths spread by the Zionist-controlled media are purposely spread to infect the minds of the people, and the peoples of the world; that we should think along the lines ofThe Mischief-Makers and The Blood-Shedders in furtherance of their wicked objectives.

The government of America, and its leadership, is taking America and the world on a very dangerous course.  And I would not be a good student of my Teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad—as a Warner from Allah (God)—if I did not raise my voice in harmony with his, to warn President Obama and this administration, as well as the Congress of the United States, of the danger of the course that America is embarking on.


Also in Part 16, we pointed out what U.S. Army General Wesley Clark said; that 10 years before 9/11, Paul Wolfowitz, the Neoconservative architect of Bush’s War on Iraq, told General Clark of their plans to “clean out” the Middle East, and take over those Muslim regimes.  Just days after 9/11, General Clark said he was shown a Pentagon memo that describes how they planned “to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then SyriaLebanonLibyaSomalia,Sudan and then Iran—five years and seven countries.” 

This was being planned to ensure that the control of the riches of that area would always be available to America and her allies. 

It has been revealed by author and historian F. William Engdahl, through a November 1, 2011 article on titled “Arab Spring is about controlling Eurasia,” that the ultimate goal of the United States is to take the resources of Africa and the Middle East under military control in order to block economic growth in China and Russia, thus taking the whole of Eurasia under control. Blocking another country’s ability for economic growth is an act of war.

According to Professor Engdahl, they want the vast wealth, and they want to “militarize the oil sources in such places as Libya and the so-called Republic of South Sudan that are directly strategic to China’s future economic growth.”  The article quotes him:  “This is all about controlling Eurasia, something Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about back in 1997 in his famous book ‘The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives’… .”  The results are already there—in Egypt and Tunisia democracy has already produced a weak economy; whileLibya, the country with the highest living standards in all of Africa before the NATO bombings, today is in ruins.  The article continues: “‘The AFRICOM [the Pentagon’s Africa command] is coordinating the scene,’ Mr. Engdahl says, mentioning that ‘interestingly enough [AFRICOM] was created just after 2006 China’s Africa diplomacy, when 40 heads of African nations were invited to Beijing and enormous deals were signed on oil exploration, building hospitals and infrastructure—anything the IMF did not do in Africa over the last 30 years.  For the “Gods of Money” of Wall Street, the only chance of survival and keeping dollars now is finding new areas of loot. The Arab Spring is directed at grabbing and privatizing the vast wealth of the Arab world,’ Engdahl concludes.  Engdahl warns that the U.S. is building more and more bases around the world, like 17 new, mostly Air Force, bases in Afghanistan to be ready for the new war with China or probably Russia.” 

The so-called Arab Spring didn’t start in the Muslim world, but from plans in the United States of America to take over the Middle East and its natural resources for the Western world. But this “Arab Spring” is not going the way they originally intended, and it’s creating more hatred of America and her foreign policies. 

America’s hypocritical stance on‘democracy’ and ‘coups’ due to her meddling

America:  Even though you plan well, there is another Planner over and above your plans—that is The Best of Planners.  And your plans, under His Plan, is causing you to fulfill the scripture that says “you will lay a trap and get caught in it, and you will dig a ditch for others, but you will fall in it yourself”:  “Behold, the wicked brings forth iniquity; Yes, he conceives trouble and brings forth falsehood. He made a pit and dug it out, And has fallen into the ditch which he made.  His trouble shall return upon his own head, And his violent dealing shall come down on his own crown.”(NKJVBook of Psalms, Chapter 7, verses 14-16) 

This shows that America doesn’t care about “democracy” if that democracy brings into power people that she does not want, that will not be amenable to her foreign-policy objectives and her national interest!  As a result of such planning, based on war mongering, the CIA (“Central Intelligence Agency”), the NSA (“National Security Agency”) and the government of the United States of America would engage, covertly, in creating and exploiting differences that naturally exist in all nations, and put money behind these differences that would one day explode into possible civil war, fratricidal conflict, death and destruction—based on the lies of the mischief making of this Mischief Maker and Universal Blood Shedder.  Every time there has been a so-called democratic election in the Muslim world, that brought so-called Islamists into political power, America worked to destroy that democratically-elected government, which shows that America is not interested in a democratically-elected government that produces a government that she is not in control of, and cannot have free access to the natural resources of that nation!  For instance …

In Venezuela:  The late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was not a Muslim; he was a “socialist” in orientation.  A man coming from the masses of the people of Venezuela, his ideas were not in harmony with America’s foreign policy objectives for Venezuela, as well as Central and South America.  His influence with the oil money that he had, as the eighth largest exporter of oil in the world—with the largest oil reserves on the planet—would give him the power to influence the political and social dynamic and direction of Central and South America.  So in the eyes of America, he “had to be overthrown” although he was democratically elected.  Under George W. Bush, after Hugo Chavez had won a democratic election, forces were set in motion among those who felt threatened by his economic policies, and he was overthrown. Condoleezza Rice, our then-Secretary of State, applauded his overthrow; but within days, he was put back into power by the rising of the mass poor of Venezuela.

America’s foreign policy objectives were the same in AlgeriaTunisia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and in Pakistan.  Everywhere America felt they needed “regime change,” they already hand-picked persons that they felt would be amenable to America’s foreign policies and objectives surrounding their natural resources.

In Algeria:  In 1992, Islamists rose to power through a democratic election; and the military rose up, and overturned that election.  And America’s hand was involved.  

In Turkey:  When Necmettin Erbakan became Prime Minister, being an Islamist, he was moving Turkey more toward the Islamic world than toward NATO and Europe.  He was democratically-elected by the people of Turkey, but militarily overthrown.  Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, the current Prime Minister of Turkey, was one of Erbakan’s political party, and one of his supporters. 

In Libya:  Muammar Gadhafi, no matter what the world thought of him, was moving his country and Africa forward.  Libya had, as a nation, no debt …  How could this leader, with a philosophy that was not liked by the Western powers, guide a nation to be absolutely debt free, yet, building the economy of that nation; and at the same time, helping Africa to come up out of the ashes of colonialism and neocolonialism?  Gadhafi was overthrown.  But in overthrowing him, America did not count on Islamic forces coming up that America had no control over!  So now, Libya is a lawless country that is in ruin!  And this has brought “blow back” to America that America did not expect; so America lost an ambassador, and America lost Americans in the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. 

This should have been taken as a sign to you, America!  Wise men heed signs—but it is only the foolish who are blinded by their desires, who are heedless to signs!  That was a sign of what America and Europe can expect with their meddling in the internal affairs of the Middle East, Africa and other nations of the world.

In Egypt:  The desired results from these maniacal actions that are going on as we speak are proving every day to be more and more uncontrolled; and consternation is ever-increasing, which will lead to more and more errors!  America thought ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarakwould be there for as long as the military were able to keep him in power. But an uprising came, and President Mubarak was overthrown. Then you had your people, America, that you wanted after Mubarak; so that your political and economic control over Egypt would remain!  However, ademocratic election was held; and out of that, your “shock and awe” was that the Muslim Brotherhood came to political power not with “a gun,” but on the basis of a popular election by the people!  And the moment President Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was elected, the army seized power from him so that he would be a “naked” president.  Under America’s tutelage, the army acted with America’s backing; that Morsi would be in office with no power to execute good on behalf of the Egyptian people from his mind and from his heart!

President Morsi was sworn in on June 30, 2012, as Egypt’s first democratically-elected president.  But, before President Morsi took the oath of office as the first democratically-elected president of Egypt, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF)—who were in power after Mubarak’s ouster—amended the Constitution of Egypt, restricting the newly-elected President’s powers.  Well, Mr. Morsi had to get back his Constitutional powers; so when Morsi took back the powers of the presidency, the Constituent Assembly drafted a new constitution that was put to a popular vote; and the people of Egypt supported that Constitution, democratically.  President Morsi had parliamentary elections, and there he won again, in a democratic process!  But America didn’t applaud it:  America, being upset with the direction, and fearing what that direction might lead to, engaged forces in Egypt that tapped into the dissatisfaction that naturally exists in every nation to create more dissatisfaction, putting tens of thousands of people in the streets against President Morsi.  So, again: The army was encouraged to perform a coup.

America, now, is trying to “tip-toe through the tulips” by not calling it a “coup,” while U.S. SenatorJohn McCain went over to Egypt and inadvertently said it was a “coup.”  Well!  If it was a “coup,” America, then you are going to have to skip around your own law that says you should not give aid to those who are involved in a coup!  So look at how you “stretch” the English language, to not call it a “coup” even though that’s exactly what it was!  And it was a coup of America’s, and the Western world’s—and Israel’s—making.  So now, it’s a very confused scene in Egypt…  Members of the Muslim Brotherhood are not lying down, because they were robbed of their democratically-attained position of power with America’s help and with Europe’s help—and they know it!  So the hatred of America is building in Egypt; and they see the hand of Israel over all of it. 

Egypt now, and its condition, is threatening to embroil the whole Arab and Muslim world.  And the ousted former President Mubarak has been freed at a time when there is so much confusion in Egypt.  Mohamed el-Baradei, the acting vice-president of Egypt, who served as Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):   A good man—but your man!  But he is not “your man” to the degree that he would remain as vice president, and see the people who were democratically-elected being slaughtered by the military with American weapons; so he resigned, and the confusion continues to mount. 

While in the meantime, in Syria, you wanted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad out ...

“The Syria Problem” and how President Obama should follow Divine Warning, not warmongering advisers

What did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad do to you?  Nothing!  What did he do?  He was a friend to Russia, but not necessarily yours!  He would be with you America, if you would respect the sovereignty of his country.  So you wanted President Assad gone; evidently, he’s been a thorn in your side. 

Did you know that Israel bombed him twice recently—just as Israel bombed Iraq first, and their nuclear facility, because Israel does not want any Arab nation to have nuclear power?  After Iraq had developed, with the help of the French, a nuclear facility, Israel bombed and destroyed it!  Butwhere was the outcry?  Did America say that Israel was wrong for doing that?  No!  That is because Israel is your companion in wickedness, America.  So you both are headed downward into the bottomless pit of hell. 

America, you expected President Assad to be gone, but he’s still there!  You said he should step down, but he didn’t step down; and the rebellion became a “civil war” from an uprising.  And you influenced Qatar, you influenced Saudi Arabia, you influenced The United Arab Emirates—youinfluenced others to send fighters into Syria to get him out of power!  But evidently they all are failing.

That’s a “Syrian problem” that should have been handled by the Syrian people.  But you intervened, America:  The Mischief-Maker.  The Blood-Shedder.  The Liar. 


So now, America, you back your proxies with weapons that you sold to the Middle Eastern countries.  Well, I ask:  Is it in Syria’s interest to push America into war with Syria?  I don’t think so.  May I respectfully say, Mr. President:  Your advisers don’t seem to be your friends

Who advised you to say that the NSA was not spying on the common American citizen—and in less than a month it is revealed that they were in fact doing the very thing that you said to the American people that they were not doing?  Who advised you to say that there was no such thing as U.F.O.s—and then a few weeks later it was admitted by the CIA that “Area 51” and Roswell, Nevada is in fact a reality?  What are they doing to you, Mr. President?  (In a few broadcasts from now, we’ll deal with “Roswell” and “Area 51,” if it is The Will of Allah.)

Mr. President, they are destroying you little by little, so that you become involved in the spider webof their lies and treachery. Two years from now when your presidency is over,  what can you do with the remainder of your life after they have destroyed your potential for good?

Since President Obama was not acting as his advisers and the Neoconservatives wanted him to act towards Syria, they inspired the Syrian “rebels” to use some form of gas; and immediately, the propaganda machine of the Zionist-controlled media goes into action to feed the American people the same kind of propaganda that led to America’s involvement in Iraq and in Afghanistan!  So the media is quick to say, “Assad is killing his own people”; you show these horrific pictures of dead women, and children—no doubt gassed!  But, who is at the root of it?

Oh, you warmongers …  Let me hasten to tell you that you’re getting yourself into a War that you would wish that you had never gotten into!  You that love war:  You will be forced to eat from the plate that you have delighted in serving to others.  Here we are again—just as in Iraq, just as inAfghanistan, just as in LibyaThe Liars and Their Lies are now spreading to justify what America’s policy has already been developed to do to Assad and Syria!  So you want to “tip the balance” by using the very weapon that you say Assad is using, you inspire others to use it to justify pulling President Obama and America into war!  Did you think that you would do this andRussia would be quiet?  She’s already warned that if you do this, there would be catastrophic results if you bomb Syria!  But, you are blinded; you think you are more powerful than you are! 

So if you, Mr. President, allow these Liars, Deceivers and Warmongers, who lied to get America into war in Iraq, to lie to you again to get involved in Syria:  When this explodes beyond anything that you have imagined, who will you blame for that?  I know that you only want to do a “limited bombing” to “punish Assad”—that’s what you say, that’s what you think, but what will be the result after you do it?  You’ll be sending Tomahawk and Patriot missiles, but what will be the result after that?  Well, this is how The West, throughout history, has done:  You draw up borders throughout the Aboriginal world, and brothers end up fighting brothers over the question of “Who owns the land?”  The same is being done in Syria; the same is in Iraq!  But the very division that you are inspiring for others is “coming home to roost” right here in America.

What about Iran, and the exposed plots of Israel killing Iranian scientists?  According to the Pentagon memorandum revealed by General Clark:  You clearly have Iran in your sights, as you continue to charge Iran with developing nuclear weapons, despite the findings of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to the contrary!  And just as you continue to lie about me, claiming that I am a “hater” and an “anti-Semite,” to turn the ear of the people of America and the world from hearing The Truth of your wickedness, as you tumble the entire Earth into the most devastating War in the history of the world.  What contrivance will you bring to the people about me?

I am a Warner to you!  And I am pleading with President Obama:  Please, don’t let them misguide you with their false information that they feed you to make you a pawn of their wicked ideas for domination of that part of the world. 

“Syria”:  America is divided over this!  The military leaders are divided over this!  And the U.S. Congress is divided over how this situation should be handled!  America, you are in trouble, and you can’t see it because your heart is being hardened and your eyes are being blinded by the wicked desire that is already in your heart!  This is definitely your desire (to overthrow Assad with U.S. military might); but your desire is your own undoing.  If you will not heed what we are saying to you from Allah, then I guarantee to you:  Your destruction is now entered across the threshold of the door of America!

The United States government:  You cannot say that you “love” the American people; you cannot stand up and say to the American people, who love this country, and the patriotic members of the Armed Forces of America that would give their lives to defend democracy and freedom—you cannot stand up and say that this war that you are entering into is for “democracy,” when you’ve destroyed democracy whenever an election elected somebody that would be against your errant foreign policy objectives and your national interest!  You can’t say you “love” the Armed Forces—the soldiers and sailors of America!  Go and look at them with their limbs blown off!  Look at the deformed babies from being irradiated from the weapons of war that you have dropped in areas where you have our soldiers trying to serve!  Go and look at your soldiers who are coming home to you and cannot fit back into American society; committing suicide at an alarming rate; their wives and their children not being able to recognize them anymore from the horror of their wars! 

Did you tell the American people why Major Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan, a doctor of Psychiatry, killed 14 Americans at Fort Hood?  Did you ask, and try to find out why he flipped?  He now wants to die—but what was he listening to from our returning soldiers?  Was Major Dr. Nidal Hasan listening to how they raped Muslim women; and killed women and children—pictures which our government has, but refuses to release to the American people so that they may see what war does to the minds of soldiers who are trained to kill!  Was he trying to give them some kind of “rationale” that would give the soldiers “mental stability and balance,” and couldn’t take hearing anymore of their confessions of what they did; and decided to kill those who were being sent to kill Muslims?

Oh, the scriptures have already recorded that “in the hearts of the leaders is a disease”; and Allahincreased the disease “because they lie.”  And, “He leaves them alone in their inordinacy, blindly wondering on.”  (In the Holy Qur’an, Surah 6 Al-An’am (“The Cattle”), verse 110:  “And We turn their hearts and their sights, even as they did not believe in it the first time; and We leave them in their inordinacy, blindly wandering on”; and Surah 7 Al-A’raf (“The Elevated Places”), verse 186“Whomsoever Allah leaves in error, there is no guide for him.  And He leaves them alone in their inordinacy, blindly wandering on.”)

I live in this country.  This is my country; and as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to his followers: “Where ever he,” meaning myself, “tells you to go, go.  And wherever he tells you to stay from, stay from.”  That’s not just advice for his followers; that’s advice for you, Mr. President: I am asking you to stay away from that war that you are treading heavily into.  But, I believe, you are already determined to do it.  So the consequence of your rejection is blindness; and, you are wandering on, failing to come under The Orders of Allah’s Divine Guidance and Instruction.


In the 3rd Chapter of the Book of Joel, the 2nd verse, it reads:  “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land. Then in the 9th and 10th verses of that same chapter, Joel says:  “Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up: Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears:
[and] let the weak say, ‘I am strong.’ ”

Well, America, you’re out ahead of everybody planning wars and manufacturing new and more deadly weapons, while the people of America continue to increase in suffering fromunemployment, from poverty and want, and, from a falling dollar while at the same time you’re increasing military spending.  Look at your projected future America:  According to the National Priorities Project’s federal budget chart detailing proposed “Discretionary Spending” for your budget of 2014, it shows that 57 percent of the proposed spending is for the military, while only 6 percent is earmarked for education; and only 1 percent is earmarked for food and agriculture

Is that why here in Chicago, and all over the country, schools are closing—and only the military orjail is “the hope” for our youth?

‘A Warning to Our World of Islam’ and ‘The Promised Land’ (Whose promise? What land?)

My dear brothers and sisters leaders of the Islamic world:  What you are doing under the guidance of America and Europe will cause the whole Middle East to be destroyed, and possibly lead to the bombing of our Holy City of Mecca.  Whether you know it or not, the rightful place for The Righteous will be bathed in blood as a “purifying agent” for The Mahdi and The Messiah to bring The Real People of God back to their proper and rightful place in Mecca, in Medina, and the whole Muslim world!

In previous broadcasts, I talked about how certain countries in the Muslim World were being used, and how the Middle East is going to go up in flames—and if that happens, the whole Islamic world will come against America. 

In last week’s message, Part 33, I ended the talk posing the following two questions regarding“The Promised Land” that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of in his “I Have a Dream” speech, but are also found throughout the scriptures of both Bible and Holy Qur’an: 

“Who made The Promise?” and “Where is The Land?”

“The Promised Land”:  I’ve been there.   I have seen The Promised Land …  And by Allah’s Grace, I will get there with you!


“Who made The Promise”:  Why did Prophet Muhammad say “three generations after him, would no longer be of him”?  What did Allah show him?  Why did Prophet Muhammad say that he “heard the footsteps of Bilal going into Paradise before his own”?  What did Allah show him?  Are you really deserving to be masters over The Sacred House?  Did you think that if you rebelled against Allah that you were going to stay there forever? 

Allah (God) Promises that He will remove all disbelievers and hypocrites from The Sacred Lands so that The Real Messiah and The Real Mahdi, and The Real People of God, will return to The Root of Civilization for a “brand new beginning for humanity,” and a “brand new beginning of a new world of Islam”; and this is why you are kissing a black stone—because it is not you whom you are kissing!  The Real Owners of that land will one day be coming home.  Allah (God) says He will take The Kingdom from whom He pleases, and He will give it to whom he pleases.  This is “The Promise of Allah.” 

In the Holy Qur’anSurah 2 Al-Baqarah (“The Cow”)verse 212 reads:  “The life of this world is made to seem fair to those who disbelieve, and they mock those who believe.  And those who keep their duty will be above them on the Day of Resurrection.  And Allah gives to whom He pleases without measure”—and that “Day of Resurrection” is now! 

I read a Hadith …  I don’t know if it’s a true Hadith—I know it’s not considered a “Hadith Qudsi,” but while I was in Arabia, it struck me when I read it; it said:  “One day a Negro will come at the head of 10,000. And he will destroy the Ka’bah.”  I asked myself, “Why would anyone destroy this most ancient of Houses of Worship for the One True God?”  And the deeper I thought, I said, “It could be because that Ancient House is ‘a sign’ of something greater than itself.  And when the sign has been fulfilled, then the sign need not be anymore.”  I read another Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, and it said to his followers of the Person coming, “His skin is like soot, and his hair like dried raisins”; and, “If he comes with the wisdom of God, verifying what is with you, then you should follow him!” 

Well, “Judgment” starts, first, in The House of God.  So the Holy Land is under Divine Judgment.  And so, Nation of Islam, are we.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote of the Nation of Islam in 1957; he said, quote:  “At the present time, the Nation of Islam is honeycombed with these rotten characters, disbelievers and hypocrites. People who say that they believe, but they are only there to destroy the Nation of Islam.”  As it was in 1957, so it is in 2013!  But the Honorable Elijah Muhammad then said to his followers:  “Be patient, for Allah promised that He will weed out His own Kingdom in His own good time.”  So, to the Nation of Islam in The West:  The weeding has now begun.

In the Holy Qur’anSurah 5 Al-Ma’idah (“The Food”), verse 67 it reads: 

“O Messenger deliver that which has been revealed to thee from thy Lord; and if thou do (it) not, thou hast not delivered His message. And Allah will protect thee from men. Surely Allah guides not the disbelieving people.”

I, Louis Farrakhan, Am Delivering That Message!  And I Fear Not, For Allah Promises If That Message Is Delivered, Surely He Will Protect Us From Men!

So to Mecca, and to us:  Remember The Words of Allah!  That He would bring “someone else in our place” that would be humble toward The Believer, and mighty against The Disbeliever!  Is that verse referring to those presently in power in Arabia, and in the Muslim world?  Or is this referring to others that Allah is preparing to take their place?  And to those in The Nation of Islam in positions of leadership:  Is this referring to you?  Is Allah preparing someone to take your place?

In Surah 5, verse 54 it reads:  “O you who believe, should anyone of you turn back from his religion, then Allah will bring a people, whom He loves and who love Him, humble towards the believers, mighty against the disbelievers, striving hard in Allah’s way and not fearing the censure of any censurer. This is Allah’s grace—He gives it to whom He pleases. And Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing.”  You may see this as a cause to rise up against this little Nation of Islam in The West.  Some of you even say that we are not “real” Muslims! 

Allah knows best who the real Muslims are, and He will judge between us.  So wait, for we too are waiting.  Soon, we all shall see.


“Where is The Land”:  That land starts right here in America, but it ends right there in the Holy Land!  Let me say, that that whole area of Palestine and Egypt and Syria—the parts that you call“Greater Israel,” or Eretz Israel:  That does not belong to you.  Unfortunately, you will die there…  But your blood—and the Palestinian blood, and Arab blood, and the blood of others—will purify that area for The Real Owners of The Kingdom of God.  The area we are referring to extends from The Nile River in Egypt, to The Euphrates River in today’s Iraq; it covers all, or parts, of today’sEgyptSaudi ArabiaIsraelJordanPalestineSyria, and Lebanon.  And we will be returning to our place!  But, it will be cleansed before we get there, by The Work that Allah is doing, and permitting others to do.

“Eretz Israel” is not for you, present Israelis!  It is for us, the true “Children of Israel.”  So Allah is going to use your blood to purify that area of the world for The Messiah to come back, and bring back with him The People of God’s Choice, for The Holy Land, Mecca in particular, will be The Headquarters of The Mahdi and The Messiah!

In our Supreme Wisdom Lessons“Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 1, Q&A No. 1,” we learn that“The Best Part is in Arabia, at the Holy City of Mecca”—and, “The Best Part” is for The Best Nation!  In the Holy Qur’anSurah 3 Al-Imran (“The Family of Amran”), the 110th verse reads: “You are the best nation raised up for men: you enjoin good and forbid evil and you believe in Allah. And if the People of the Book had believed, it would have been better for them. Some of them are believers but most of them are transgressors.” 

Well, “The Best Nation” belongs on The Best Part of the planet Earth.  But, to the present inhabitants of that area:  Are you having gay parades in The Holy Land?  Liars and thieves …  Does apartheid exist in The Holy Land?  And you think you are the real “People of God”?

Advising against listening to liars, thieves and murderers

My dear President Obama, I warn you in The Name of Allah:  Listening to liars and thieves and murderers—if you go along with them, you will be stained with the blood of all those that are dying from a lying Mischief-Maker and Blood-Shedder.  As a young man, they don’t want you to have any influence; so they are gradually destroying you.  Those that put you in office don’t want you ever to be helpful to your people and others after your four years in your second term is up. 

So because of the consequences of your involvement—while at the same time America is being ravaged with fire and waterheat, and hail and sleet and snow and rain, and hurricanes andtornadoes; and soon, great earthquakes and other disasters of all kinds:  I pray that Almighty God, Allah, in the name of His Messiah, that you will listen and heed these warnings.

I thank you for listening.  This was a hard lecture for me to give …  But Allah laid it on my heart, and I give it to you to do with it, and me, as you please.

May Allah bless us all with The Light of Understanding, as I hope for Allah’s Peace, as I greet you with the greeting words of peace:  As-Salaam Alaikum.

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