The Time and What Must be Done Part 44

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'Business is warfare' - Who will control Black dollars?





CHICAGO ( - There is a war going on for Black survival and critical to the war is a contest over who will control Black dollars.


That important warning was delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in part 44 of his 52-week series the Time and What Must Be Done. The series airs at This message was broadcast Saturday, Nov. 9.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, patriarch of the Nation of Islam, was a man on whom God placed a “weighty word and a weighty assignment,” said Min. Farrakhan. That word and mission was to raise Black America and then the world from spiritual, mental and moral death to see the kingdom of God, the Minister said.

We “are suffering today because we rejected him. We didn’t pay adequate attention to him …  As a result, today, we are suffering great loss. Hopefully, there is time for us to reverse the loss,” said Min. Farrakhan. The webcast presented an edited version of the Minister’s address October 16, 2011 at Mosque Maryam, titled “Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility, Part 2.” (See edited transcript of this important message.)

“If you don’t see that we are at war, then you must be raised in consciousness so that you can participate in the war because the war is for our survival,” the Minister said. “We are at war against forces within ourselves, and forces outside of ourselves, that keep us relegated to the condition of poverty and want.”

He referred to marches by civil rights leaders that year and the previous year calling for jobs and justice. Marching must be redirected to inward action and internal demands, said Min. Farrakhan. Blacks are acting like children by demanding of others what they can do for themselves and earn the world’s respect, he said.

No other group tries to force itself onto others and if Whites create jobs, jobs will first go to Whites history shows, the Minister observed. Other ethnic groups were rejected but depended on themselves and built their communities, becoming separated but integrated into America’s fabric, whether it was Chinatown, Little Italy, Greek Town, Jewish or other ethnic enclaves, he noted.

“Do you think that our president, as desirous as he may be, can provide enough jobs for the millions of Americans that are unemployed, and our millions too? … We are going to have to get up from where we are and go to work in order to survive, and in order for us to prepare a future for our children,” the Minister said.

He cited passages from the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s monumental book, “Message To The Blackman in America,” where a program and position warned 50-years-ago:  “As a people we must become producers, and not remain consumers and employees. We must be able to extract raw materials from the earth, and manufacture them into something useful for ourselves. This would create jobs in production.” 

The Minister has revived Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint and is calling for 16 million Blacks to give 35 cents a week over one year to accumulate $291.2 million in a national treasury. Land would be the initial target of purchases. For more information, visit, or send your donation to:

Muhammad Economic Blueprint
C/O Seaway Bank & Trust Company
P.O. Box 19522
Chicago, IL. 60619-9522
Attn: Sherlyn Russell

In an introduction to the Nov. 9 webcast, Ishmael Muhammad, student national assistant to Min. Farrakhan, said the beloved leader “is getting stronger and stronger every day. … God willing he will be before this camera and microphone in a  few weeks. Thank you for your prayers and your continued support,” said the student minister.


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