Study Guide #02 Building Human Potential

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Self-Improvement Study Guides - Study Guide 2: Building Human Potential




Holy Qur'an
Surahs 22:5-7

Page 2
Page 4 Para. 3-6
Page 5 Para. 5,6
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8, Para. 1,2


The Bible and The Holy Qur'an both teach us that man's beginnings are in mere "dust". Yet, both books also teach us that Allah (God), the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, has created us from dust and given us dominion over His Creation.


Would Allah (God) give us power and dominion over His Creation if we lacked the potential to rule it?

What does this signify concerning what is in you?


1 First, let us review some key words and their definitions. Please look at the GLOSSARY.

2) Read Surah 22:5-7. This Surah is called "The Pilgrimage". Why, in this chapter, does Allah speak to us of our creation from dust? In his opening letter to us, how did the Minister define "Resurrection"? Is the process of Resurrection similar to the Pilgrimage? If yes, why is it similar?

3) Read Surah 23:12-14. This Surah is called "The Believer". The same process described in the previous chapter is repeated. What is the significance of mentioning this process in a surah of this name, "Believer"?

4) Read Surah 32:6-9. This Surah is called "The Adoration". What is the significance of this word, "Adoration", in the process of resurrection?

In the same chapter, Allah (God) declares that He created man from "dust" and made him of " extract, or worthless water." What is the "extract" referred to here? What makes it worthless? Does the Black man have worth in the eyes of Civilization? Did he ever have respect and worth? Can he have it again?

What parables are we given in the Holy Qur'an to assure us our own potential to be consequential?


5) Read Surah 14: 32-34. This Surah is called "Abraham." In it, we see that Allah (God) has made the Sun, Moon, Heavens, Earth, all "subservient" to us. What is the meaning of "subservient"? Are we being served by nature now? Are we in control of nature? Do we have the potential to gain mastery of the forces of nature? What evidence is there that we have such potential?

What is the connection between the man Abraham and the mastery of man over the forces of nature?


6) Read Surah 96:1-5. Have you ever seen a blood clot? Was it beautiful to behold? Is a Nation of unlearned people a beautiful sight in the eyes of civilization? By what means does a clot develop into a complete human being? By what means must a people evolve into its beauty?


7) Read Surah 86:5-12. What is the significance of the process of man's development from sperm being described in this surah, called "The Comer By Night"?


8) What is the significance of the life of Jesus to one who is studying and seeking to build human potential in himself and others? What is the significance of the life of Muhammad in the study of building human potential?

What is the significance of studying the life of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as an example for us in building our own potential?



4) The "extract" is sperm. Sperm issues from the same part of man's body as waste fluid, therefore it is lowly, even despicable in man's sight. But the sperm is the quintessence of every part of the human body. In the act of conception, the essence of man is extracted from him; his being, his genetic make-up. Sperm is only worthless because of the state that it is in.

The Holy Qur'an repeatedly speaks of a barren, dry Earth, that appears dead, but when Allah causes clouds to come over it and water falls from those clouds, the life that is in the earth swells and blossoms. 



Sperm must be placed in the right environment, i.e., the womb. What is the proper environment for spiritual development to take place? The Mosque. Review what Minister Farrakhan said of the mosque in his letter.

The Qur'an says: "Then He made him complete and breathed into him of His spirit." What makes us complete is the Spirit of God. This is manifested in the language of the Holy Qur'an. Once Allah has breathed His spirit into man, He ceases to refer to him in the third person, "him" and begins to refer to him in the second person, "you". He says, "...and gave you ears, and eyes and hearts; little it is that you give thanks!" Man is thus addressed as a spiritual counterpart to whom the Creator has given ears, so that he can hear the Message; eyes to see clearly with the vision of a Divine being; a heart for love and understanding and compassion. Yet, with all of these divine gifts, we are ungrateful.

5) Abraham is the example for us of what we must do in order to be given dominion over the world as -Allah planned for us. Abraham represents belief in ONE GOD and total submission to His Will and His Alone. Review the Minister's letter where he gives us excerpts from the Muslim opening prayer.

6) Allah says, "complete in make and incomplete, that We may make clear to you..." When you and I come forth we are complete yet incomplete. How do we become complete? By being fed and nourished. Food develops the body. Words develop the mind. Just as we must eat the right food to grow right physically; we must read right, from right material, to grow our minds properly.

7) The 86th Surah, "Al-Tariq" contains an invaluable lesson. The Comer by Night signifies that we must never give in to the darkness of despair and hopelessness. Remember the Minister's words last Sunday: "In the darkest mind there is a spark of light", There is a Being --- the same Being that delivered Moses, Jesus, Noah; He will deliver you and me.

If you even think of being in despair, then do what the 86th Surah says, "let man consider of what he is created." The same God Who brought that sperm through that tortuous journey to meet the egg and become you and me; that same God will deliver us.

Master Fard Muhammad came "unobserved", and in the darkness He gave the Word to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Word is symbolized by Water. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, filled with the Word, became as a "cloud giving rain" to you and me. He built men and women from nothing into that which the world had never before known.

And so this Surah says "It is a decisive Word ... and not a joke". This means we must not play with the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. 



8) Review the statements made by Minister Farrakhan in SELF-IMPROVEMENT, pertaining to Jesus. Be ever mindful in the discussions, of the potential for complete harmony with those who profess Christianity, through our own understanding of the man Jesus.

There are profound statements made by Minister Farrakhan and Jesus in this speech. For example,

" Jesus is a witness, not that God is coming, but that God is present...Jesus gives man a glimpse of his potential. Jesus is not here for you to worship him; he is here for you to follow his example, that where he is, you may be...Because if you follow that example, Jesus is only manifesting what is really in yourself ... He is the perfect example of human potential ... he was born of a woman and came through the vicissitudes of life, just like you."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad accomplished what he accomplished through the guidance of Master Fard Muhammad. The Holy Qur'an and many, many books. Though he had only completed the 4th grade, he followed the first command from His Teacher: "Read." For 7 years, while on the run from the hypocrites, he managed to go back and forth to the library of Congress (Washington, D.C.) reading 104 books as assigned to him by Master Fard Muhammad.

If Malcolm X, with an 8th grade education, accomplished what he accomplished under the guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, read every book in the prison library, beginning with the dictionary; if individuals and people can manifest hidden beauty and potential through reading, then each one of us must challenge our aversion to reading and begin to: READ, READ. "READ IN THE NAME OF THY LORD WHO CREATES, CREATES MAN FROM A CLOT. READ AND THY LORD IS MOST GENEROUS, WHO TAUGHT MAN BY PEN, TAUGHT MAN WHAT MAN KNEW NOT..."

These are the 2 lost arts among our people: Reading and Writing (use of the pen). If there is one among us who cannot read, that is one too many. If one of you is unable to read, then we shall establish a Mosque reading class.


Your assignment (to be completed by December 26, 1986) is as follows:

1 Re-read the Holy Qur'an references from Study Session #1 and the references from Study Session #2.



2) Continue to read SELF-IMPROVEMENT.

3) Read newspaper each and every day. Read the Chicago Tribune and/or The Sun Times. In addition to one of these two newspapers, read the Chicago Defender.

Do not read the sports section, leisure, etc. Read the NEWS.

4) Read the article entitled "ONE MEAL A DAY" from HOW TO EAT TO LIVE (Book One) by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Be prepared to discuss this article next Friday in your study circle.



BUILD (verb) To frame, construct, mold, form or create. To establish, increase, strengthen, prepare in stages.

HUMAN (adj) Pertaining to or characterizing man. From "humus": a dark, organic material in soil, produced by the decomposition of animal or vegetable matter essential to the fertility of the Earth.

POTENTIAL A Latent excellence or ability that may or may not be developed; capable of being or becoming; possible but not actual; having capacity for existence but not yet existing. (Potent: Powerful).

EXCELLENCE Possession of eminently good qualities; great merit; superiority in worth or value.

PILGRIMAGE A journey, especially a long one, to a sacred place as an action of devotion. A long journey undertaken in quest of something for a particular purpose.

EXTRACT "To get, pull or draw out. To obtain, derive or elicit. A concentrated form."

DUST A particle of matter with no use or function. Powdery earth or matter in bits fine enough to be easily suspended in air; anything worthless.

SUBSERVIENT "That which is useful, helpful, of service, especially in an inferior or subordinate capacity."