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A Message From The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
The National Representative of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad
(Delivered at Christ Universal Temple - Chicago, Illinois ~ February 24, 1989)


In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.
I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Messenger.
1. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, for 44 years, taught us that God is not a mystery. He
is not a spirit, He is not a spook, God is real. He is a real live human being, differing from
you and me only in that he is Supreme in Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding and
Power. This is what The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us.
2. Of course, this upset the Muslim world and it upset many of our Christian brothers and
sisters: that a Black man, born in America, born in Georgia, said that he met with God
and God taught him night and day for three and one-half years. He then went away and
left him here with a Mission to raise the Black man and woman of America up from the
grave of mental death and ignorance.
3. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was laughed at, mocked, scorned and ridiculed----but
not by white people. They did not laugh at him, they knew better. When war broke out in
1941, the President of the United States (Franklin Roosevelt) had the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad taken off of he streets because they did not want a Black man teaching Black
people the proper use of themselves. America wanted to use our bodies to prosecute a war
that was not in our interests, even as President Bush is using the bodies of Black boys and
girls to prosecute a war that is not in our best interests.
4. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made may ministers and sent them into the cities of
America. He produced the most disciplined, organized and progressive group of Black
people ever to be seen in the Western Hemisphere, yet he only had a fourth grade
education. He taught Malcolm X, who had an eighth grade education. With the Teachings
of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X confounded the scholars of the world.
5. Cassius Clay was just another great fighter until he met with and was taught by the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Then he burst onto the scene as Muhammad Ali. He was
one of the greatest fighters that ever lived, but he was a different kind of fighter; he had a
message in his mind and heart. He stood for a principle. He fought the government of the
United States against the war in Vietnam, and he prevailed. Even though he was stripped
of his title, he came back to win the championship two more times.
6. My point is, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had to know something to teach what he
taught, to do what he did, to live in America when Black men lost their lives for just
thinking what he was bold enough to speak.
7. Louis Farrakhan is known throughout the Earth and is honored and respected in many
circles of our people, but I was just a common musician. I never graduated from college,
but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad took me from there and taught me.
8. He is not an ordinary man, but an extraordinary man. How do you know? Wisdom is
known of its children. If you are wise, you do not produce a fool. I am the child of my
father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I know no other father but him. My biological
father died when I was quite young and even before he died, I did not know him.
9. When I met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I met my father. He fathered me in
knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He brought out of me what The Creator had put
in me for the service of my people. If I am anything of value today, it is because I had a
good father, a good example and a good teacher. And so I stand before the world today, to
challenge the scholarship of the world on the most important of all subjects: "WHO IS
10. We all talk about Him, certainly we love Him and we bear witness that He is the Greatest.
We live in His Universe. There is nothing to compare with it, so there is nothing to
compare with Him. But Who is He? We want to know our Creator, we want to know
11. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated on the back page of our newspaper (then
"Muhammad Speaks", now "The Final Call") in Point Number 12 of "What the Muslims
We believe that Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard
Muhammad, July, 1930; the long-awaited "Messiah" of the Christians and
the "Mahdi" of the Muslims.
We believe further and lastly that Allah is God and besides HIM there is no
God and He will bring about a universal government of peace wherein we all
can live in peace together."
12. Many of the scholars of Islam have said to me, "Brother Farrakhan, why don't you take
that off of the back page?" Many of my Muslim brothers and sisters who love Allah and
love Prophet Muhammad and love the Holy Qur'an, find this unIslamic. They say, "Take
it away, because Allah has never appeared in the form of any man". They say Allah is not
a man, but they cannot tell us what He is.
13. The Scholars of the world of religion-- Jews, Christians, Muslims, whatever your
religious persuasion may be-- we have to know today Who God is that we not make a
mistake and serve other than Him.
14. The Bible teaches us that God made man in His own image and His own likeness. It
teaches us that He breathes, sorrows, sees and hears, loves and hates. The stench of
wickedness reaches His nostrils. The Bible teaches us that Abraham met Him in the
plains of Mamre. Three men came to Abraham and the Bible declares that one of them
was the Lord. Sarah came out of her tent and said, "Lord, if I found favour, pass not
away. Lord, if you are hungry, I will feed you. Sit down, Lord, it you are tired." How can
you feed a spirit? How can you sit down if you have nothing to sit down on? I am not
finished with the Bible. It says that Enoch walked with God. Moses walked with Him and
spoke with Him face to face as a man speaketh to his friend. All throughout the Bible, we
are taught of a man, not some spook or formless spirit.
15. What about the Holy Qur'an? The Holy Qur'an uses the personal pronoun "I". The "I"
belongs to whom? It uses the soft pronoun "We". Does God have associates? Does He
have partners? Why say "We"? God Himself revealed the book and knows best the
language. Why did He use the language of a human being?
16. Who is God? The Attributes in the Holy Qur'an are not the Attributes of a Spirit, they are
the Attributes of man in whom the Spirit dwells. Allah is the Beneficent, the Merciful, the
Powerful, the Life-Giver, the Sustainer, the Securer, the Destroyer.
17. I shall never take that point from the back page of the newspaper, regardless to how
many scholars don't like it. I visited Mecca and sat with the scholars. This (Point
Number 12) was the main issue we wrangled over. When we finished, the scholars shut
their mouths. They never had heard an exposition like that. What I gave to them, I am
giving to you. Mecca could not defeat the argument I presented, though I am born in
America and have never been taught in any Islamic school by scholars or scientists. I was
taught by the unlearned one, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
18. Look at "Point Number 12" of "What the Muslims Believe". Why did the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad make it Number 12? Why not Number 10 or Number
11? Why did he have the word "Messiah" in quotes and bold? What is "Messiah"?
Who is "Messiah"? Why did He have the word "Mahdi" in quotes and bold? What
is "Mahdi"? Who is "Mahdi"?
19. The word "Messiah" is well-known to Christians and Jews. The word "Mahdi" is wellknown
to Muslims. Why did he us those words? When you place quotations marks
around a word, you sometimes do that to draw particular attention to that word. If you
italicize it or make it bold, you want it to stand out because you are trying to suggest
something to the reader. The world is looking for the return of Jesus Christ. The Jews are
looking for the "Messiah" and the Muslim world awaits the appearance of the "Mahdi".
They are all looking for a man.
20. If the "Messiah" comes, are you looking for a spirit to come out of a closet? You are
looking for a man. If Jesus Christ is to return, you are looking for the return of a man if
flesh and blood. If you are looking for the "Mahdi", you are looking for the coming of a
man. What kind of man is He? He is an extraordinary man, but he is a man.
21. Why should "Mahdi" and "Messiah" come in the form of a man? It is because man and
woman have been degraded. Man and woman have become beasts in human form. Man
and woman have degenerated. Man and woman have fallen. You don't know the
resurrected man, the elevated man, the man made in the likeness of God, the Original
man. You do not know yourself, therefore, you have to become acquainted with yourself.
God sends One to you in your own form, but Mighty in Power and Wisdom; One who not
only carries Light, but is the Light.
22. The Bible reads, in the Book of Revelations, "But in the days of the voice of the seventh
angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished." (10:7)
23. "Mystery" means "that which is unknown". The Bible also declares, "God will come."
Where has He been? The Holy Qur'an speaks of the "days of Allah". Where has Allah
been for all the other days? Isn't every day His? Why is there a specific and particular
reference to "days" of God?
24. Beloved Muslims, Surah (or Chapter) 3 of the Holy Qur'an is called "Al’Imran": "The
Family of Amran". In Verse 6 of Surah 3, Allah reveals to us the rules of interpretation for
His book. Every person who has some degree of love and scholarship will want to read
the Bible and the Holy Qur'an and will try to interpret such magnificent books. Allah
(God) does not want you to be one to mislead yourself or mislead the people, so He gives
us rules governing the interpretation of His Word:
25. "He it is Who has revealed the Book to thee; some of its verses are decisive --- they are
the basis of the Book --- and others are allegorical. Then those in whose hearts is
perversity follow the part of it which is allegorical, seeking to mislead, and seeking to
give it (their own interpretation). And none knows its interpretation save Allah. And those
firmly rooted in knowledge {They say:} We believe in it, it is all from our Lord. And
none mind except men of understanding."
26. Allah (God) does not want us to give His Word our own interpretation. We who study the
word have to restrain ourselves from trying to give His Word our own interpretation.
27. It takes more than just going to theology school to interpret the Word of God. To interpret
God's Word, you have to get up into His Mind and you cannot get there, except by His
Permission. You cannot play Beethoven well if you do not study Beethoven. Before
attempting to play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony", it would be wise to study the man who
wrote it. When you study the composer, you study the condition he was in when he
wrote. You become one with his mind, one with his spirit, every nuance in it; you can feel
it and then you can make Beethoven live, even though Beethoven is dead.
28. You cannot interpret the Wisdom of God until God brings you into oneness with Him.
Only then will you begin to know Him in a hint; know Him in a sign; but how many of us
are like that? Of course, the vain among us will think and say, "I am" and the foolish
among us will say, "Me, too." But "fools rush in where wise men fear to tread" and
interpreting the Word of God is a fool's paradise. A wise man will step back from that
because it is dangerous to play with God or with His Word. To deceive people and
mislead people in the Name of God is a dangerous thing to do.
29. After Allah (God) gives us rules for interpretation, He says, "And none knows its
interpretation save Allah." Allah is the Only One Who knows the hidden meaning of His
own Word. {The scholar says} "those firmly rooted in knowledge say, ‘We believe in it, it
is all from our Lord.' And non mind except men of understanding."
30. When I was in Mecca, the scholars, in their closing statement to me, said, "Brother
Farrakhan, when you get sick, you go to a doctor. You do not tell the doctor what is
wrong with you, you ask the doctor to tell you what is wrong. When you are not
knowledgeable, you come to the scholars and ask the scholars, that they may teach you."
And I responded, "Who are the scholars?... The doctors don't live any longer than their
patients. I cannot trust the doctors' advice. It appears to me the scholars of religion are the
ones who have ruined the world of religion. It seems to me, from my understanding of the
Book---and you must bear with me, because I am just a child in this, but I am not a
foolish child":
31. "Satan said to Allah, ‘Because you have caused me to remain disappointed, I am
going to come after them (meaning your people) in Your straight path. I will come
from before them, behind them, from their left side and from their right side. You
will not find most of them thankful. I will make all of them deviate.' Allah said to
Satan, ‘Whosoever follows you, I will certainly fill hell with you all.' In another
place in the Holy Qur'an, Allah says, ‘You will get all except my purified ones.'"
32. I know we all think we are the purified ones. We would not like to believe that Satan has
us in his hip pocket right now, with our crosses around our necks and our Bibles in our
hands; our crescents and stars on our shoulders and our bow ties or long white robes. We
would not like to believe that Satan got us.
33. I said to the scholars, "Every time the prophet of God came, when that prophet left, Satan
came and divided the prophet's community. Is the Muslim community divided? Are you
at odds among yourselves? Why, then, should I follow you? Show me the proof of your
scholarship." That is the way we left it.
34. I did not go to Mecca to follow them. I did not go there looking for an agenda; I had one
when I left. I had one when I came back. Allah (God) does not want us following anyone
today but Him. He does not want us worshipping anyone today but Him. God and God
Alone has come to be our Leader, Teacher and Guide. Only those who submit their will
entirely to do the Will of God will be successful teachers of the people. Only those who
bow down and humble themselves and refrain from trying to make themselves more than
they really are would be successful teachers of the people today.
35. God is setting down all false leaders--- no, not setting them down, hurling them down,
throwing them down. Everybody you want to worship as a god beside Him--- He will
destroy them to show you that none today is worthy of worship but God. That brings us
back to the question, Who is He?
36. He answered the question in "Point Number 12". Earlier I asked, "Why ’Point Number
12?'" It is a very significant number. We have twelve (12) signs in the Universe.
There are twelve (12) inches on a ruler and the ruler enables us to draw a straight
line. We want to go straight today. We have been crooked so long, but we cannot go
straight until we have a ruler that will give us a straight line to follow.
37. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad chose "Point Number 12" to introduce the New
Ruler. The white man is not going to be a permanent ruler. He will be set down by God.
All of the rulers of the world are to be set down. Isn't that what your Bible teaches? Why
put your trust in Bush? Don't put your trust in Saddam Hussein. Don't put your trust in
King Fahd. Don't put your trust in Don Xi Ping.
38. You had better look for the New Ruler and make a straight way to Him, because all the
others are going to be set down. In fact, America is boasting now---you notice how chesty
she's become. America says, "In just a matter of days, we'll knock off Saddam and we are
going to set up a New World Order." Not you, Mr. Bush. You are not the one to set up the
New World Order; you are so ingrained in the old order and if you do not make a change
quickly, you are going out with the old order. But you do not see it. You are just like
Pharaoh, proud and arrogant. Your arrogance has blinded you to your own destruction.
You have been pulled into something that is bigger than yourself, so be careful, Mr. Bush.
It looks easy, doesn't it, Mr. Bush? Keep going---keep going.
39. "Who do you think you are, Mr. Farrakhan, talking like that to the President of the United
States?" I am just one who has met with One bigger than the President of the United
States, and if he isn't careful, we will be here, but he don't. "Are you threatening?" No,
no, no. I am saying no more than Moses and Aaron said to Pharaoh.
40. There is another Power on the scene today. I am here today to acquaint you with that New
Power, so you don't have to quake when Mr. Bush calls. You can tell him, "I am not
answering my phone today." When he calls for you to send your sons and daughters into
the (Persian) Gulf, tell him, "Not now. This is not my war." The white man taught us,
"thou shall not kill when we were thinking about killing him. "Thou shall not kill" is all
right in Mississippi, where we can't kill the lynchers, the burners, the rapers and robbers
of our mothers and fathers. Then "thou shall not kill" is fine in Saudi Arabia and Iraq,
because Saddam Hussein never called me "nigger".
41. Saddam Hussein hasn't done anything to me or you and he has not harmed one American.
All he did was try to take back what was originally his. President Bush knows he (Bush)
was wrong when he said his cause was just and morally right. This is only phase one of a
battle of a war that has started, which is the War of Armageddon. The war you see going
on in the East will engulf the whole Earth. You will see it--it will not be long-how he
loves to bomb the cities.
42. I want to acquaint you with the New Ruler. A new world is coming, a better world is
coming. You have been praying for it, my Christian brothers and sisters: "Thy Kingdom
come, They Will be done, on Earth even as it is in Heaven." It is on its way now and
Bush is not the head of it. The Messiah, The Mahdi--God is the Head of the new
43. The Holy Qur'an and the Bible are two wonderful and magnificent books. The Bible is
the base of the Christian and Jewish world. The Holy Qur'an is the base of the world of
Islam. These books are called "scripture". Moses and Jesus brought a ’scripture'. The
Holy Qur'an is a ’scripture', although it is called a ’book'.
44. The word scripture means it is part of a great writing that is bigger than the book. The
book is just a part of it revealed by chosen servants of God. They did not write it, they
revealed it and there is a difference.
45. Muhammad had nothing to do with writing the Qur'an and Moses had nothing to do with
writing the Torah, nor did Jesus have anything to do with writing the Gospel. These are
men to whom God revealed His Word; the Word He revealed to these great men were a
part of a big book--written by whom?
46. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has pointed out to us the Book of Revelation,
Chapter 5. There was a man sitting on a throne-- not a spook, a man. There were
twenty-four (24) elders seated around that throne and the twenty-four (24) were
lamenting. They were weeping because the one who sat on the throne had a book in
his hand, but no one in the heavens or earth was worthy to come and take the book
out of his hand.
47. They were searching for who would come when there came a Lamb as though it had been
slain from the foundation of the world. The Lamb took the book out of the hand of him
that sat on the throne and opened it. The book had seven seals and he began to break the
seals. As he began to loose the seals of the book, the twenty-four (24) began to praise
God. The twenty-four (24) then took off their crowns and cast them at the foot of the
Lamb, saying,
48. "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and
strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing." (5:12)
49. Who is the Lamb and what kind of book was that he took from him that sat on the throne,
when even the twenty-four (24) that attended the throne could not receive? Who are the
twenty-four (24) elders found in the Book of Revelation? How do the twenty-four (24)
elders square with "Us" in the Bible and "We" in the Holy Qur'an? Who is the "us" and
who is the "we"? Since God is One and has no associates or partners, who is "we"?
50. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that there are twenty-four (24) wise men
(scientists) who do the work of producing Bible and Qur'an. He said we make History {or
Bible or Qur'an} to equal the circumference of our home (Earth): one year for each mile.
So the book that is written contains twenty-five thousand (25,000) years of history
written in advance.
51. There are twelve (12) major scientists and twelve (12) minor scientists. Back to the
Number 12 again. Whenever the time comes for a certain part of the writing to be
fulfilled, one of the major scientists will speak to someone among the people. He will
reveal to that person a part of the writing (scripture) and give him an assignment or
mission. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that He Who rules that cycle of History
is called "The Supreme Being". "Supreme" means "highest"; "being" means "that which
52. Anything that exists, exists in one of three stages: liquid, solid or gas. We do not see God
as liquid and we do not see Him as gas. Some of the old writers called Him, "The Rock of
Ages". You can stand on Him, depend upon Him. He is solid. If He is solid, He must be
animate or inanimate. We do not look at God as an inanimate object. We see Him full of
life and spirit: A Life-Giver. We have to say He is animate. "Animate" means He is either
animal, plant or human. We do not speak of God as a plant, even though some describe
Him as the "Rose of Sharon" and the "Lilly of the valley". We do not speak of God as
vegetable, but we do speak of Him in terms of the animal kingdom.
53. In the animal kingdom, we have the lowest form and the highest manifestation. The
highest manifestation in the animal kingdom is man or woman, male and female. Why is
God a "he"? Why can't God be "she"?
54. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that before the making of Moon, we used to
write history every thirty-five thousand (35,000) years, for the Moon at that time was a
part of the Earth. Those who sent their contraption up to the Moon brought back samples
of rock and they smelled an odor that smelled like gunpowder.
55. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the Earth and the Moon was once one
planet; but, one of our scientists wanted the entire planet to speak the same dialect. He
could not enforce his will, so he drilled a shaft into the part of Earth then called Moon;
filled it with high explosives and set if off. It proved to be a great test of wisdom, for the
part called Moon was shot out twelve thousand (12,000) miles into space and fell
thirty-six thousand (36,000) miles from its original pocket. As it was turning over, all
the water on Moon fell to this part of Earth.
56. We now have an Earth that is three-quarters (3/4) water and one-quarter (1/4) land, and a
Moon with craters that once held water. There is no water on the Moon but the Moon is
constantly trying to get back what it lost, so it pulls on the waters of the Earth. The
woman's cycle is like the Moon. We will get to this in a second; I want to talk about the
57. Brothers and sisters, this may sound strange to you, but the Honorable Elijah
Muhammad taught us that it has been sixty-six trillion (66,000,000,000,000) years
since the knowledge of God was made known to the public. Before that, the public
knew God and knew the Reality of God. But since that time, God hid His Face from
humanity and has remained a secret. It is the most carefully guarded of all secrets:
The Knowledge of God. Why would God hide Himself from human beings?
58. Long before there was a white man on this Earth, we had problems with ourselves. I do
not want you to think the white man is the source of all of our problems. The source of all
our problems is a problem within Self. The problem within Self is the negative side of the
original life and it became manifest when one of our own scientists became frustrated that
he could not force his will on the people and decided to destroy the whole human family.
It was then that God hid Himself from man until the proper time. The scripture says, "in
the fullness of time, He came." The scripture says, "After the workings of Satan, God
59. There is a problem in us, original people, and God would not come and show Himself
and make Himself manifest until everything in us was fully exposed to us. Then, when
we are fully exposed and all of our weaknesses made manifest, the human being could be
perfected. Only then can you make a perfect human being. In the scriptures, Jesus says,
"Be ye perfect as I am perfect." But there was no perfection until the Coming of this
Person that the Bible calls Jesus and the Qur'an calls Muhammad. Allah says, in the Holy
60. "This day have I perfected for you your religion" {your nature, your being}" and I have
chosen for you Islam as your religion."
61. The Muslims say to the Christians, "If you don't accept Islam, we are through with you,
because the Qur'an says you have to accept Islam." Muslims, it means that all of us must
accept religion, not in name, but we must all bow down and submit our will to do the Will
of God, or we will never be accepted by God. You and I are not equal to God; we don't
know what He knows, therefore He demands of us obedience.
62. Dear brothers and sisters, the Muslims and Christians have been at odds with each other
over Jesus and the concept of God. We want to try and straighten all of this out with the
Help of God.
63. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that God Himself is not begotten. The
Christians say, "God had a son from a virgin." Don't be angry with me. This is our
teaching, but do we understand it? Virgins do not conceive. If a virgin conceives, she is
no longer a virgin.
64. But the scriptures say, "And a virgin shall conceive." How did she conceive? The
scriptures say, "The Holy Ghost came upon her." It uses the word, "upon". Who is the
Holy Ghost? Your daughter better not come home to you and tell you she was walking by
the church and a ghost came out and that is why she is pregnant, some body caused it.
You don't say something caused it, you say somebody, because in order to create life
there must be the germ and the sperm of life. The sperm of life is always carried in the
65. God, in the beginning, allowed everything to create after its own kind. If a ghost had a
baby, the baby would have to be a ghost. Since the baby was a human being of flesh and
blood, and the mother carried it in the womb, with fainting and pain for nine months, you
have to bear witness there was a father there, It is written in your Bible, but very subtly:
66. "Concerning His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who was made of the seed of David
according to the flesh, And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to
the Spirit of Holiness" {Romans 1: 2,3}
67. Joseph was of the lineage of David. Any father can produce flesh and blood, but only
God can make a prophet. Only God can father the mind into the spirit of righteousness.
No earthly father can give you that. No earthly father can pass that on; that comes from
your growth into the Mind, Wisdom and Will of God. Jesus is called the "Son of God",
but not because God was in Palestine getting little virgin girls pregnant. Reverend, that is
the wrong way to understand the scriptures.
68. The Jews knew Jesus and the Jews asked, "Is this the carpenter's son?" God is not a
carpenter. He is the Master Builder. They said to Jesus, "We are not born of fornication."
There were some extenuating circumstances around the birth of Jesus, like there are
extenuating circumstances around most of our births. The Bible says, "Can any good
come out of Nazareth?" The world is asking today, "Can anything good come up out of
Black people?" The world is going to be shocked when it finds out what is coming up out
of this Nazareth. I am trying to keep these points tied together.
69. I want to go back to God being "not begotten." The Holy Qur'an says, "He begets
not, nor is He begotten." The Muslims say this is why God could never be a human
being, because all human beings are "begotten".
70. I want you to follow this very carefully. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us
that before there was a sun, moon and star, before there was light, God was Self-
Created. God created Himself out of the material of darkness. Before there was
anything there was darkness, but it was a substantive darkness. What we see at night
is not real darkness--it is called the absence of light because we are just in the shadow of
the Earth. We live in a Universe of Light, where once there was total darkness. But matter
was in the darkness. Even though matter was in the darkness, it is considered nothing,
because it was without aim and purpose. Anything without aim and purpose is considered
71. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that electricity is the most mysterious force
because no one knows its origin. When you have electricity and matter in the darkness,
you can produce the first germ of life. Whatever happened with electricity and matter, the
first atom of life sparked in the darkness. There is intelligence in the life-germ. Our own
beginning bears witness to the beginning of the Universe. The very secret of how the
Universe began is wrapped up in how you and I began.
72. You don't know the Universe, because you don't know God, because you don't know
73. Look at the sperm. There is intelligence in the sperm; it knows exactly what it want to do:
it goes straight for the egg; that is intelligence. The sperm does not have a brain, but it has
a head and a tail. When the sperm makes contact, it's the first cell of life. That cell starts
looking for a firm resting place, then it builds a clot. There is intelligence in that clot.
Then the cells produce brain. That's the first thing formed in the new life. Without a head,
you don't need arms. The thing that is going to direct the arms has to be first. It is the
head that calls the arms and feet into existence.
74. This is why the white man works to destroy your leaders. Without a head, you cannot call
a body into existence. That is why you are always without organization: you never have
leadership. Your leadership comes up and when they spot it as good leadership, they wipe
it out.
75. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that God had to develop brain in order to
think through darkness. It took pain and eons of time for God to build Himself up in the
darkness. He was Light of Himself and had Light in Himself. Since the basis of His Life
is electricity, He had Light in Himself. From His own Brain, He envisioned Sun and then
called it into existence.
76. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Allah formed Himself--not from a mother, but
out of the dark womb of space. Space and the darkness of it became His womb and
He came out of that darkness.
77. Then, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said before there was Sun, there was a
Woman. Allah came out of the womb of darkness with a womb within Himself.
Every man has a woman in him. If you notice, the male has the X and Y
chromosome, which has the male and female part. The female has the X
chromosome. As Allah came out of that womb--the Holy Qur'an calls it "triple
darkness"--He had a womb within Himself. He studied Himself and from Himself
He fashioned Woman. She is His First Act of Creation.
78. This is why you don't understand the woman and you cannot deal with a woman; you
think she is a man's woman. She is the Woman of God.


79. Women are fascinated with men who are doing things; men who are going places;
because they are born from a God Who did things. Women do not like to be saddled
down with a man who is going nowhere and doing nothing and is without an aim and a
80. The Holy Qur'an teaches, "From a single essence, He created the male and the female and
from them, many men and women." The "single essence" is God Himself. You are born
out of the very Nature of God.
81. The woman is made after the womb out of which God created Himself, and in the woman
is the Secret of God.
82. The reason you are far away from God is because of your attitude toward women. You
will never find God and you will never grow to honor God, as long as you are a
mistreater and disrespecter of women. The woman is the secret and she contains the
secret. In the Bible, Sampson put it in crude language, saying, "If you had not plowed
with my heifer, you would not have learned the secret of my riddle." The riddle has been
with God, but the secret of the riddle is in woman, and unless and until we become better
acquainted with who she is, you may never see who you are.
83. In the 12th Chapter of the Book of Revelation, there is an extraordinary woman:
84. "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven -- a woman clothed with the sun, and the
moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." (12:1)
85. John the Revelator saw her running in the wilderness; he saw the dragon standing before
the woman as she was about to give birth to a man-child---a child who would rule the
nations with a rod of iron. But the dragon stood ready to devour the baby as soon as it
was born.
86. In the Gospels, King Herod stood ready to devour Jesus as soon as he was born, forcing
Jesus' mother, Mary, to flee with her baby out of Palestine into Egypt, Africa. The mother
of Jesus was an African woman. I don't know why you are looking for a white Jesus
when his mother was an African woman. The Bible describes Jesus as having "hair like
lamb's wool" and "feet like brass burned in an oven". You are looking for the wrong


87. There are three (3) points I would like to make and the first point is that God made
Himself up out of matter, so He is material, yet spiritual. Allah (God) says in the Holy
Qur'an, "I give life and I cause death." God Himself set up the Law of Life and Death.
How, then, did He escape the law He set up for everything? He is called the "Ever-
Living"; no death comes to God. How could that be?
88. You who are electricians, you put copper wire in as a transmitter of current, or electricity.
The current is greater than that which is transmitting it. The copper can wear out. When
the copper wears out, the electricity is suspended until you get another transmitter to
transmit that current.
89. God conveys His Spirit in the human form. This is the best form. There is no form better
that the human form. It is not perfect, but its is a good conveyer of the Spirit of God.
90. This Universe is material, but the essence of the Universe is spiritual. The core of the Sun
is not fire; the core of the Sun is the thought projected by the Will of God which forms
the Sun. When you look at the Sun and are warmed by the Sun; that is a blessing. But to
understand why God made Sun, you have to go into the Mind of God, for His Mind is at
the core of what He created. But if you do not pierce the veil of the physical, you will
never find the essence.
91. This is why we don't know each other until we are gone. You did not know Dr. Martin
Luther King or the Honorable Marcus Garvey until they were gone. You didn't know
Jesus until he was gone. Why? The physical is a veil that covers the essence of the
person, but when the veil is taken away, you can come to grips with the essence of what
makes that person who and what he is.
92. I am not Louis, that is the name my mother gave me. I am a vessel. I was not made by my
mother, I came through my mother. My origination is God. You know what I look like,
but you don't know me. I know what you look like, but I don't know you. In order to
know me, you have to look beyond the way I am fashioned. You have to look into me and
when you look into me, you will find the same that is in you and that is God.
93. He is called the "Ever-Living", Who never dies. The body goes back to the Earth, but
God never dies. There is always another form coming up that will allow Him to transmit
His Knowledge, Wisdom and Power through that physical form. He is not a spook or a
spirit; He looks like you and me. But we are not allowed to have His picture and Moses
taught that we should not make any images or statues of God. Why? Because the image
will change, but the Wisdom of God will never change.
94. So you must never have a picture of God, because the body will only last so long, but
God is Forever. Don't make any images or statues and don't bow down to any image,
because no image or likeness of God is worthy to be worshipped-- not the flesh, because
the flesh is finite. The flesh is not God, but it is of God. God can dwell in this house.
Don't get excited, Muslims; the Ka'bah at Mecca is made of stone and it is called the
House of God, but God doesn't live there. You call Christ Universal Temple the House of
God, but God doesn't live here. The human body is God's House.
95. Allah (God) can dwell in you, if you will open up and let Him come in. If you will let His
Wisdom come in, then act on that Wisdom and grow into Knowledge, Wisdom and
Understanding until you are able to exercise Power in His Name, that is God walking in
you, God talking through you, God living in you; then there is nothing in existence but
96. Where, then, did the Devil come from? If God created everything, did He create the
Devil? Since nothing has been in existence except what God brought into existence,
where did the Devil come from? God brought the Devil into existence!" You say, "I can't
see a Good God bringing a devil into existence!" You re being emotional. God knows
more than you.
97. Why did God let it happen? Let's question Him; He can speak. "God, why did you make a
devil?" Ask Him, He will tell you. You want to know, "Why are You letting this man drop
bombs and kill so many people and do all these things? Don't You have power to stop
this?" He says, "Yes, I do. But I am working out your Salvation. The Devil is part of your
98. Are you surprised? You will remember that I spoke about the original scientist who tried
to blow up the planet Earth. That is the way white people think right now. Those who are
in power---if they are unable to stay in power-- will kill everybody. Why would they have
enough atomic weapons to kill every person on Earth a hundred times over? It is because
they are thinking, "If I am going to be taken out of power, I am going to take everybody
out of here." They won't be able to do it, but that's their thinking. Some of you are like
99. Some of you become possessed with power. Some of you get possessed of a man or a
woman. "If I can't have him, I ain't gonna let nobody get him. I'll kill him first." Or, "She
ain't leaving me. I will kill her, then kill myself." What makes you like that? What drives
you like that?
100. You become frustrated and disappointed and in that disappointment, you don't handle it
well. It drives you to insanity, then you want to kill somebody. That's how a devil is
made. It starts with a wrong thought coming up in your brain. God took the wrong thing
in the original Man and gave it form and expression and power to rule. "Oh, Brother
Farrakhan, I can't believe that." Then open the Holy Qur'an.
101. Allah says, in the second chapter, "I am going to place a ruler in the Earth", and the
angels say, "What will you place in it, except that which will create mischief and cause
the shedding of blood?" Allah said, "I know what you know not."
102. Some scholars take the writing and say that God is going to place a temporary God into
power, but one that will create mischief and cause the shedding of blood. The Honorable
Elijah Muhammad said that it represents the Caucasian rulership. It has been a
mischiefmaking rulership that has shed the blood of every member of the human family.
It has destroyed not only human life, but animal, plant, sea and all life. He is called the
blood-shedder in the Book of Revelation, but God gave him that right. For what purpose?
So you could see all that is in yourselves. You are your own worst enemy.
103. Did you know that the Caucasian only brought out of us what was in us? You cannot say
the Caucasian made you a homosexual. He brought out of you what was in you. All of the
trouble we are in, that is the trouble that was in us and he drew it out with his contrary
way of civilization. We have a problem and that problem means we have to be saved.
104. That is why Jesus is so important in the Bible; because he is born to save the people from
their sins. He is born of a woman; a virgin.
105. Let us return to Revelation 12 -- a woman clothed in the Sun. It could mean that she is
pregnant, but it could also mean that she is wrapped in Divine Light. She has twelve (12)
stars in her crown. It could mean that the twelve (12) major scientists have approved of
this woman being in heaven. Standing on the Moon means that she is standing on the
word of the prophets. A woman would come forward, and through that woman a child
would be born and that child would be Messiah; that child would be Mahdi. That child
would manifest the Presence of God coming from a woman. That woman is styled in the
Holy Qur'an as Maryam, or Mary.
106. The Holy Qur'an says of Mary, she was honored "above all women". A whole surah
(chapter) is given in honor of her name. Not the mother of Prophet Muhammad, not the
mother of Abraham, not the mother of David, but the mother of Jesus. Sisters, Mary is a
prototype of you. If you look at the "Marys" that were around Jesus when he went to the
cross, there were six (6) women around him. The women never failed Jesus, but all the
men except John walked out on Jesus. When he went to the cross, women ministered to
him all the way.
107. What is there in a woman when she knows and recognizes a man of God? That woman
will move heaven or hell to back that man of God. What is it in woman that makes her so
faithful? What is it in men that makes them so fickle?
108. Brothers, as men, we are creatures of power. God put it in our essence that we demand
power and rule. Even when there is another man exercising power, we will walk with that
man, but sometimes with the mindset, "I am better than he is, if I could just overthrow
him, I'll be the one." You don't ever read of women walking with divine men plotting to
overthrow them. When they recognize God in the man, they have found what they are
looking for and they walk with God in that man. But a man wants to be on the same level
with another man, therefore he will betray you. He will undermine, plot and scheme on
109. The disciples of Jesus argued among themselves about who would be uppermost in the
Kingdom: "Will I sit at the right? Will I sit at the left?" The women said nothing. All they
wanted to know was where the Master walked.
110. There were several named Mary who walked with him. Each one of those Marys is a
"type" of you (Black woman). There was a Mary who was a "low-life" woman and there
are some like that in here. But when you meet Jesus, like that Mary met the Master, she
came up out of that low life and walked with that Divine man. There was Mary, his
mother, a holy woman, and there are some of you like that in this audience. Every one of
those Marys is a type of the different qualities and characteristics in women. The woman
is the key to a new world order. The woman is the Key to the Kingdom of God.
111. The whole world is looking for Jesus, the Messiah and the Muslim world is looking for
the Mahdi. Where will they show up?
112. Beloved, Master Fard Muhammad was born February 26, 1877 in the Holy City of
Mecca. His father was one of the twelve (12) majors scientists and His mother was a
woman from the Caucasus mountains. He was a specially made man to go after the
lost sheep. The lost sheep were Black people lost among white people.
113. To all white people who are listening via satellite and who may be here in this audience,
you must be made to understand your nature. You are made from the opposite side of God
to manifest what is in all of us. You were to serve a Divine Purpose. Now that purpose
which the evil in white people was to serve is over, because the evil in them manifested
fully the range of evil in us.
114. Jesus said you cannot put new wine in an old wine skin, lest the skin break and the wine
spill out. You cannot put the Wisdom that God wants to put in you until you undergo
something that will make you a perfected vessel for His Glory.
115. Master Fard Muhammad had to have a color that would allow Him to get in among white
people and not be discovered. The scripture says He came "as a thief in the night". He
came "without observation". He came "in sinful flesh to condemn sin in the flesh". His
mother was a Caucasian woman. Why a white woman? Now, don't you Black men get
crazy and run out of here and get a white woman; the purpose has already been fulfilled.
116. You remember the story of Jesus casting seven (7) devils out of a Woman. This was a
"wonder in heaven", this woman from the Caucasus mountains. She was approved
by the scientists to give birth to a son. The father would anoint the son, but the son
would grow to be greater than the one who anointed him. The father would send the
son, but the son would be greater than the one that sent him.
117. Master Fard Muhammad was born with the capacity to understand the mysteries of
the Universe. How is He born to understand the mysteries of the Universe? He was
called into existence by The Originator. When The Originator wanted to perfect His
Universe, its perfection had to wait until one was born with a perfect knowledge of
how to perfect the imperfect.
118. This young child was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He grew in Wisdom and Power. At
the age of six (6), He saw Himself pushing the Fords, the DuPonts and the Rockefellers
into a lake of fire. At six (6) years of age, He came into the Knowledge of Who He was.
119. Today, they start your little children in school at six (6), but if you train them right from
the cradle, at six (6) they will know exactly what they are born to do. You train your
children all wrong, feeding them lies instead of Truth. Feeding them foolish fairy tales,
making them think bunnies talk; that rats and pigs and wolves talk. You are killing your
babies' minds with fairy tales. Feed your baby on truth and one day your baby will
become a Master of Truth.
120. We are not born into the Brain of God, we are born into the Mind of God. Mind is not
brain and brain is not mind. Brain is the source of mind. Brain is the root of mind.
Brain is the repository of electrical energy. Brain is a transmitter and a receiver. If it
receives right, it will transmit right. What you see out here is not the Brain of God.
You are born into God's Mind. Everything you see came out of His Mind, therefore,
if you feed on His Mind you can grow into His Mind.
121. In the Holy Qur'an, the name given to the temporary ruler, called Adam, is "Khalif". The
word "Khalif" means "he who supplies the place of another who has perished or died.
The successor to and the deputy of." Man is the deputy of God.
122. Does God die? Only the physical. When the physical goes, another one stands and the
Wisdom comes right through that one; that one is deputized to carry out the Wisdom of
the Originator. The Will of the Originator is carried out by men who live and die. You
don't know their names. You don't know their faces. Their names and faces are
irrelevant. There is only one Do-er in this Universe and that is God. He is the Only
Reality. There is no other Reality but God.
123. You say, "Satan is a reality." Yes, but it is God acting through the left side. The
scriptures say that God has a right hand, but He also has a left hand. Satan is a lefthanded
expression. He is the negative side of the original nature. He is the misuse of
power, knowledge, sex, water, air and fire. He uses power from God on the negative side.
God's Coming is after the workings of Satan. This child born in Mecca was born to
overturn Satan's world. He was born to destroy it. He was born to discover it at the
foundation, expose it and uproot it, leaving neither root nor branch. He was born of
woman, but born to rule:
124. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his
shoulder and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the
Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government of peace there
shall be not end." (Isaiah 9:6,7)
125. How is He going to make Himself manifest? He grows and He becomes the Power. He
knows how to destroy. He knows how to govern creation. He can give life and cause
death. He is Beneficent and Merciful, but He is a human being.
126. The scriptures say He came "without observation". In Habakkuk, it reads, "God came
from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran." (3:3) Mount Paran is in Arabia.
Teman is in Arabia. "Teman" is a man from man. Teman was one of the sons of Adah. So
if He came from Teman, one of the sons of Adah, then He is the son of a man. Any your
Bible reads, "And the Son of Man will come." Not son of spirit, the Son of man.
127. "For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west, so shall also
the coming of the Son of man be. For wherever the carcass is, there will the eagles be
gathered together." (Matthew 24:27,28)
128. The symbol of America is the eagle. She has flown higher than any other bird. She has
ascended above the clouds yet the scriptures say "I will bring you down to the sides of the
pit to hell." This enemy has become more powerful than any other nation on the Earth in
the annals of the last six thousand (6,000) years of history. She is powerful. How did she
become powerful? She killed off the Native Americans; she brought our fathers out of
Africa and robbed us totally of the knowledge of self. She sold the people of God---not
for a decade, not for a century, but for four centuries. God said, "I, even I, will search the
Earth for my sheep that is lost and I will bring my sheep again." Here we are, the lost
people, the lost sheep, the lost tribe. Lost in America, lost in the way of white people.
129. All in Adam died and we died in the way of white people. You are not a living Black man
and woman, you are considered a dead Black man and a dead Black woman. You are no
longer what you once were and you need to be raised to life. But who can give you life?
He said, ‘I am the Resurrection and the life. If you believe in me, even though you are
dead, yet shall you live'---I am a human being. I am the ’Light of the world' -- I am a
human being. I am the ’Good Shepherd' --- a human being. I am the ’Bread of Life'-- a
human being.
130. Messiah, Mahdi -- He came to North America by Himself. He had no associates. He came
alone. He came to seek and to save what was lost. He found one man among us. He was
like a ghost. People saw him but did not know who he was. You sing it in the church,
"Sweet little Jesus boy, born in a manger. Sweet little Jesus boy, I didn't know who you
were." The Bible puts it like this, "And the light shined in the darkness, but the darkness
comprehended it not. He came unto his own, but his own received him not." We did not
know, but He came. God came to you --- to visit you.
131. Who are we that God would visit us? We are the people of His choice. We are the stone
that the builder rejected. God now wants to make us the headstone of the corner. Who are
we? We are that foolish people God would make into the wisest that ever lived. God said,
"I have come to be your God and you My people and I will put My Mind and My Spirit
and My Will into you. When the people want to find God, they will have to find Me
among you.; Yes, you are the people that are going to produce the Jesus the whole world
is looking for. It's you.
132. You ask, "How do you mean we are going to produce the Jesus?" He was born of a virgin
and you are a virgin people. You know that "virgin" territory is territory not cultivated,
not developed. You are the most uncultivated, undeveloped, wild and crazy people in the
world today. You are a virgin {you can never say you met a man}. If you met a man,
where are your men? If you meet a man, he will make a man.
133. The reason we are in this condition is because we are not men. A man does not beg
another man for a job. A man will get up and make a job for himself. A man doesn't beg
another man to give him rights. A man will take the rights that God has given him. The
white man cannot give you rights, God has already given us rights. Stand up like a man
and let us take the rights that belong to us.
134. You (Black people) are a virgin. If you met a man, you could produce one. The "Holy
Ghost" came under the cover of darkness and you became pregnant with a Servant of
135. That little man, Elijah Muhammad, frightened all of us. He was a man of God, made,
fashioned, taught, molded and shaped by God. Now he is gone, but he would not leave
you comfortless. To prove that he is exactly who we say he is, he made one. I am not of
his physical bloodline, I am from his mind and heartline. He made me for you and
there is no doubt about it. There is not another Black man on Earth today that is
confronting this beast like Louis Farrakhan. Who made me like this?
136. I do not say the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is dead, if He is the Messiah and I believe
He is. I am a witness that He is the Messiah. I don't say He is dead. The Messiah escaped
death. They thought they got him. You say, "Well, there was a funeral." Sure, there was,
and there is a death certificate. There is a coffin and a body in it. Sure there is. It is easy
for God to fool a fool. You ask, "Why would God do a thing like that?"
137. The Holy Qur'an said he was made to appear as though He was dead, but Allah (God)
raised him to Himself, exalted him to Himself. When he was seen, he looked like he was
slain from the foundation of the world, because he was in bad shape when he got to the
throne. But he was able to take the book out of the hand to Him that sat on the throne.
138. That which you call "Unidentified Flying Objects"; that which you and white people put
"Above Top Secret": that is real. There is a plane out there made like a wheel. Ezekiel
saw it five hundred and fifty (550) years before Jesus was born. A wheel in the middle of
the air, run by the Grace of God, with "eyes" all around it, meaning with people in it. It is
not from another planet. It is made by the Son of man to destroy this world. It is up there
now, forty (40) miles above us. It is like a city in the sky. "And I saw as it was a city
come down from heaven." It has 1500 little planes on it. They follow me everywhere I
go. You can take it or leave it. I am not trying to impress you.
139. I know the Power that is behind that wheel and the Power of the wheel is the Power that
Guides me. I am not before you of myself. I am a Guided man. That's why the white man
is tearing his hair out, because he has plotted against me at every turn, but he can't seem
to get me. Maybe God will deliver me into your hands to deliver me from your hands.
140. Brothers and sisters, don't you fear this man. There is a Power today bigger than Bush.
There is a Power today on the scene. He is not to come, He is Real, He is Alive and He is
in Power. It is not Saddam Hussein or Bush, it's God.
141. God has it locked up. He is controlling it all. Don't be afraid, because the white man's day
to rule is over. God has come to end his rule and He is going to make you into a giant and
give you the Kingdom. That is what they know and what they are trying to keep from
you. They are tricking you night and day; filling our young people with drugs and alcohol
and foolishness, so that you will blow your Salvation.
142. Wake up, Black man and woman. I don't have long to be among you. I don't see death
coming, but a time has come now for me to stop talking, because I have been a Faithful
Warner to you and I will not stop talking because I don't love you. It's just that the Power
that is behind me is pulling me in, because you have not acted like you should have acted.
You have turned to be a vicious people against yourselves.
143. You have become your number one killers. You don't love your woman, you rape her.
You make a cheap prostitute out of her. So, God is angry, because you know better. As it
is written in the scriptures, God sent a Son of man down among the dry bones in the
valley and the Son of man spoke the Word of God to the bones. The bones began rattling
and shaking in the valley. The Word of God responds to your nature's call and need.
Wherever Farrakhan goes, they come by the thousands. They hear and enjoy, but
Farrakhan is not an entertainer.
144. I am not here for you to applaud and say things like, "Go head man, rap!" No. Jesus said
it like this, "I piped to you all the day long, but you have not danced." I have mourned to
you, but you have not lamented." You are not in harmony with God. You hear the word
while you sport and play. You "boogie" and you party.


145. After this lecture is over, you will go and get your reefer. You will fade into the night and
get some crack, snort some coke, chase some brother or sister. You liked the message, but
did you like it enough to choose the New Ruler and draw a straight line with your life?
He will make the crooked things straight and the rough places plain. He will exalt the
valley. Will you allow God to exalt you? Will you allow Him to take the crookedness out
of you and me? Will you allow God to purify you and make you a perfect vessel for that
revealed word to come to you? Will you allow Him to make you what you once were,
before your fall? Will you allow Him to do this?
146. When the Son of man could not get the bones to act right, He went back to the Lord and
said, "Lord, they are not responding well." The Lord said {in words}, "Don't talk to them
anymore, talk to the winds and let the winds blow on these slain of God." After the winds
blew, they stood up.
147. My time to talk to you is just about over. It is time for the winds now to whip you and me
into shape. It is not going to be pretty. The very white man you love is going to be the
means of your total destruction. He is so powerful, now that Russia seems to have
weakened. He can laugh in your face and won't even sign a civil rights bill, yet he has an
army filled with Black men and women ready to die for him. He doesn't care anything
about you. He has already enacted the Federal Emergency Management Act which gives
the President extraordinary powers. As this war goes on, he may say, "I am sick and tired
of Farrakhan." He may seek me, arrest me. It is written. I don't worry about that and I
don't want you to worry.
148. The scriptures said, "Let not your heart be troubled over these things", because I am not
troubled in the least. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. It is He Who maketh me
to lie down in green pastures, not white folks. If it was up to my enemies, they would
have stopped everything from coming to me, but my God spread a table for me in the
presence of mine enemies. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear nothing. Not the arrow that comes by day, or the one that flies by night. I am
wrapped up in the bosom of that New Ruler that I represent. He anointed by head with
oil. My cup is running over. There is so much that I have to tell you that I could not even
get to, because time just will not permit it, but my cup runneth over.
149. What I shared with you today is not for today alone. It is for you to take and feed on for
years to come. So, my dear and beloved brothers and sisters, I thank Allah, Who begets
not, for His Self-Creation. I thank Him for the Wisdom that He showed in creating
Woman from Himself. I thank Him for His Majesty that made the Universe His
Workshop and out of darkness He keeps on bringing new things forward. I thank Him. As
the scriptures says, "I thank you, Father in Heaven, for keeping those things from the
wise and prudent man and revealing them unto babes."
150. The fast is over and it is time for the feast. What is the Fast? The Honorable Elijah
Muhammad said, "When you are in the presence of God, you don't need to fast anymore."
God hid His face from us for 66 trillion years. God has Arrived. Our Saviour has Arrived.
The fast is over and it is time for the feast.
151. After Ramadan, we have the Id Feast and after Hajj, we have another Id Feast. We are
pilgrims journeying through the darkness of the night to come back to the Light and the
Face of God. It is time for us to feast. Feast on what? Manna from Heaven. Knowledge
that has never been revealed in 66 trillion years. He is now giving it to you but that is a
great trial on you; because if you do not act right by that Knowledge, God said He will
punish us with a chastisement that he never gave a people before in history. He has not
revealed Himself before and the burden is on you now. You have to decide who you are
going to serve. I choose to serve the Mahdi. I choose to serve the Messiah.
152. I believe that God came in His Person. Not that the person is {God}, but what is in the
person is {God}. The person is that which holds what it contains. I believe that the
Messiah is God manifested in a human. The Messiah opens the eyes of the blind, makes
the deaf hear, the dumb speak, fashions a bird out of dust and makes it fly, by Gods'
Permission. He raises the dead by God's Permission.
153. Only God can give life to dust. Only God can make the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb
speak and raise the dead to life. When you see a man doing that, it is not the man doing, it
is God doing in the man. That is why when Elijah comes, it means "God is Present". God
is in the world. "Emmanuel" means, "God is with us" and that is what I am trying to
154. When you listen to Farrakhan, your eyes come open. Your ears come open. If your eyes
and ears come open, then your tongue begins to speak what you have seen and what you
have heard. When you meet your Brother, you are on a dead level, but after he speaks to
you, you find yourself being raised to Divine Life.
155. You are like fragments of dust, but God breathes on you and you are formed like a bird,
meaning you lift your intelligence and fly above what used to hold you down. That is the
Work of the Messiah. I am doing His Work. I am a Bearer of Witness of Him and what I
am trying to tell you is the Messiah you have been looking for is The Honorable Elijah
Muhammad. The God, The Mahdi, you have been looking for is Master Fard
Muhammad. You might as well come on now and unite with them and let us go and build
a New World of Peace and Brotherhood.
Thank you for listening, as I greet you in Peace: